The Summit Medical and Scientific team are delighted to be returning as sponsors to BASES BIG 2024, the Biomechanics Interest Group annual conference with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Taking place at Loughborough University on Wednesday 10th April, this event is now sold out. Click here to view the Eventbrite page.

At BASES BIG 2024 we will be representing our state-of-the-art solutions for biomechanics, sport and research – as well as sharing a sneak peek at a brand new announcement… Make sure you find our team in the exhibition area to find out more!

About Summit Medical and Scientific

Summit Medical and Scientific are an award-winning UK sales partner for innovative biomechanics systems and rehabilitation technology. We’re proud to supply state-of-the-art clinical, research and software solutions from some of the world’s top manufacturers, including AMTIAccuPower SolutionsCometaHocoma, Life Science Robotics, MotekTreadmetrix and XSENSOR.

With over 25 years of experience in the market, we’ve worked with almost every university gait lab in the country and will find the best solution for you.

We offer the latest equipment which can be used within research projects, universities, military facilities, and sports centres for the assessment and measurement of balance, gait, movement, strength and conditioning, podiatry, orthopaedics, sports performance, rehabilitation, equine and veterinary uses, and more.

Our technology includes force platesinstrumented treadmillselectromechanical gait trainersrobotic and sensor-based therapy devicesbody weight support systemsEMG and IMU sensors, and plantar pressure measurement systems.

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Coming soon…

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for an exciting new announcement from the Summit Medical and Scientific team! If you just can’t wait until then, visit our team in the exhibition area for a sneak preview.

About AMTI

AMTI are the world-leading manufacturer of biomechanics force plates, instrumented treadmills, force/torque sensors, and simulation/wear-testing machines. Their best-in-industry calibration guarantees customers the highest level of accuracy.

We’re pleased to offer a range of force platforms in various sizes and capacities for clinical and research use. Whatever your application or configuration, we’ll find a force plate to suit your needs.

Read more here.

About Cometa

The latest WaveX EMG from Cometa is not just the evolution of the Cometa Wave Plus, but it is the result of years of research and feedback from the market, obtaining unparalleled user experience.

  • Up to 36 channels simultaneously
  • Fast memory download via wifi
  • 8 hours onboard memory
  • Integrated IMU up to 500Hz
  • 40 Configurable analogue outputs
  • 18/36 channel architecture
  • New receiver with touchscreen
  • MDR and MHRA class IIa certification

The WaveX’s all-new sensors features even more combinations.

  • PicoX: New Pico system with integrated IMU, slightly bigger for extended range. Read more.
  • MiniX: Flexible EMG and IMU sensor with Cometa’s trusted waterproof option. Read more.
  • TrackX: Small and high sampling IMU sensor, synched with EMG, with analogue output options. Read more.
  • Picolite: The smallest EMG on the market, upgraded. Read more.

WaveX EMG is fully compatible with Cometa’s EMG and Motion Tools software, which is free of charge with the purchase of any EMG system. This software is simple and yet powerful at the same time.

Read more here.

About Motek

Motek’s state-of-the-art systems use instrumented treadmills, motion platforms, virtual reality, body weight support, surround sound and motion capture for rehabilitation and research.

Immersive environments and real-time feedback will engage and motivate patients.

From modular systems to the world’s most advanced biomechanics lab, Motek have 20 years’ experience in developing high-level technology for universities, hospitals, sports centres and military facilities.

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About Treadmetrix

Treadmetrix have developed single and dual belt high-speed treadmills, providing excellent force data, centre of pressure data, gait metrics, and signal-to-noise ratios.

Treadmetrix treadmills measure all 3 force components during walking and running up to a maximum speed of 28.5mph, and up to 35% grade elevation. Custom speed and incline grade protocols can be developed with ease.

Read more here.


XSENSOR are the leader in intelligent dynamic sensing, developing the highest-quality pressure measurement technology.

The X4 Intelligent Insole System offers high-speed recording in compact and discreet on-shoe wireless electronics, which are paired with durable high-resolution sensors for accurate plantar pressure and gait analysis.

Ultra thin at <2mm, sensors conform to the footbed of the shoe and are virtually undetectable to the wearer.

Read more here.

About AccuPower Solutions

AccuPower Software 4.0 offers outstanding force plate analysis for sports biomechanics and has been redesigned to make performance assessment and baseline monitoring simple and easy.

AccuPower Software 4.0 captures research-quality data using real-time visualisation tools and integrated high-speed video, making it easy to drive better outcomes and improve patient experience.

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