NEW! Cometa TrackX IMU

The ultimate solution for inertial motion tracking.

All upgraded IMU sensors, IP68 waterproof versions available.

The new Cometa TrackX IMU is the new frontier of inertial motion tracking. The system is a completely redesigned evolution to the WaveTrack IMU sensors, and has been upgraded in all aspects.

The TrackX is half the size of the previous Wave Track sensor, and includes wifi for faster download. It has kept the same excellent range of us, and has increased the frequency of acquisition up to 400 Hz.

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Key features include

  • 6.9 grams of weight
  • 500 Hz IMU sampling frequency
  • Up to 36 synchronized channels
  • 6 hours of data logging and battery life
  • IP68 certified version available for fully waterproof use

Small and lightweight, the TrackX can be secured to the body easily with biocompatible stickers.

The TrackX inertial system is fully compatible with Cometa’s EMG and Motion Tools software.

Technical specifications

Accelerometer sampling rate Up to 500 Hz
Gyroscope sampling rate Up to 500 Hz
Magnetometer sampling rate 100Hz
Fused data sampling rate Up to 400 Hz
Accelerometer full scale 2, 4, 8, 16 g
Gyroscope full scale 250, 500, 1000, 2000 dps
IMU resolution 16-bit
Internal memory 6 hours of data
Analog output Configurable 40 channels
Waterproof rating IP68
Sensor dimensions 32 x 23 x 11.8 mm
Sensor weight 6.9 gr

Cometa Products

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The Cometa WaveX sets the new standard for wireless EMG technology with up to 36 channels simultaneously and 8 hours onboard memory.

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The new Cometa MiniX EMG system is 15% smaller than the previous Mini Wave sensor, and packs even more features.

Box Icon NEW! MiniX Waterproof EMG

NEW! MiniX Waterproof EMG

Reach new depths with the new waterproof version of the Cometa MiniX EMG, now IP68 certified up to 5 meters of underwater depth.

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The new Cometa PicoX EMG solution now comes with integrated IMU, a more powerful transmitter and a new enclosure.

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NEW! Picolite EMG

The Picolite by Cometa is the next generation of Pico EMG sensors for the new WaveX wireless EMG system for simple, easy EMG.

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Customise your EMG or IMU products to your specific needs with these Cometa accessories, including remote controllers and finewire probes.

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EMG Software

Cometa's EMG and Motions Tools, and SDK and Integrations software, allows you to quickly and simply analyse your acquired data.

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The Cometa Mini Wave is currently the smallest EMG transmitter in the world, weighing only 7 grams.

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Mini Wave Infinity

The Mini Wave Infinity is a state-of-the-art wireless EMG and data logger and is an evolution of the Mini Wave.

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Mini Wave Waterproof

This special version of the Mini Wave Infinity is fully waterproof, allowing the acquisition of EMG signal underwater.

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Picoblue is a 2 or 4 channel EMG system based on the Pico sensor. Wireless and easy-to-use with 1000 Hz sampling frequency and 10m range.

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Similar to the Mini Wave Infinity, the PicoEMG features minimalist design, improved battery life, smaller size, integrated accelerometer and on-board memory.

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Wave Plus EMG

A reliable research and clinical EMG system sold across the world since 2012.

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WaveTrack IMU

The WaveTrack Inertial System is the ultimate solution for inertial motion tracking, and is the smallest wireless IMU transmitter in the world.