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Hocoma have published an extensive volume of research on their Knowledge Platform, as well as clinical practise guidelines and training material. Please click here to visit.

Box Icon Post-Critical Care COVID-19

Post-Critical Care COVID-19

Using the Andago for critical care patients

Breaking out of the vicious cycle of early desaturation, limited mobility, and further deconditioning.

Box Icon Ascot Rehab

Ascot Rehab

Eloise James and Marta Oliveira using the ArmeoSpring

"Robotic therapy [with the ArmeoSpring] offers high intensity training, one of the key determinants of motor recovery."

Box Icon CEN


Using the Lokomat, RYSEN and C-Mill with a Hemiplegic patient

"We applied a tailored rehabilitation program of intensive and specialized therapy, following the continuum of therapy for gait and balance."

Box Icon Ospedale Moriggia-Pelascini, Italy

Ospedale Moriggia-Pelascini, Italy

Erigo reduces duration of mechanical ventilation

“Early Rehabilitation Reduces Time to Decannulation in Patients With Severe Acquired Brain Injury: A Retrospective Study.”

Box Icon Fighting ICU-Acquired Muscle Weakness

Fighting ICU-Acquired Muscle Weakness

Using Lokomat and ArmeoSpring

Patient affected by ICU-acquired muscle weakness has outcomes greatly improved by use of technology-aided rehabilitation tools.

Box Icon Changi General Hospital, Singapore

Changi General Hospital, Singapore

Andago aids Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A patient used the Andago to retrain walking requiring ventilator support and ICU care after pneumonia.

Box Icon Neuroengineering And Rehabilitation Journal

Neuroengineering And Rehabilitation Journal

Lokomat improves SCI activity

“Robot-assisted gait training (Lokomat) improves walking function and activity in people with spinal cord injury.”

Box Icon Severance Rehabilitation Hospital, Seoul

Severance Rehabilitation Hospital, Seoul

Effective clinical integration

"We cannot imagine treating our patients without rehabilitation technology and we see it as the future of rehabilitation."

Box Icon Clinica CEREBRO, Mexico City

Clinica CEREBRO, Mexico City

Using the LokomatPro

"The Use of LokomatPro in a 2 Phase Approach Treatment Period of an Acute Transverse Myelitis Patient in an Integrated Interdisciplinary Team"


Motek have shared their latest research and knowledge on their new “Proof and Inspiration” site. Please click here to visit.

Box Icon The Morrello Clinic

The Morrello Clinic

Sarah Harding

Case Report: Using the C-Mill treadmill with a stroke patient.

Box Icon DMRC


Using the Motek CAREN

Effectiveness of virtual reality-based gait education in enhancing the rehabilitation outcomes of injured military personnel

Box Icon BASIC


Case studies 2019-20

Using the Motek CAREN with spinal injury, Guillian-Barre syndrome and traumatic brain injury clients.

Box Icon BASIC


From virtual reality to real life recovery

“All of a sudden, I had the confidence to go walking and that was a great thing for me."

Box Icon Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Dr Mohammad Al-Amri, Senior Research Fellow

Research into self-paced treadmill-based virtual reality walking with the Motek GRAIL.

Box Icon The Morrello Clinic

The Morrello Clinic

Research poster by Jakko Brouwers and Sarah Harling

"Significant functional improvements in gait are still possible long after Stroke with a high intensity rehabilitation programme using the C-Mill."

Box Icon BASIC


Using the CAREN to rehabilitate military veterans

"[The client] stated that the CAREN was motivational, challenging and exciting."

Box Icon Amsterdam UMC

Amsterdam UMC

Study examining the Motek Human Body Model

"The Human Body Model versus conventional gait models for kinematic gait analysis in children with cerebral palsy."

Box Icon BASIC


Using the C-Mill with clients recovering from ABI

"It’s helping improve balance, walking and confidence and making a big difference to people’s quality of life.”

Box Icon Maastricht University

Maastricht University

Dual-belt treadmill used in fall-prevention research

The Motek Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) was featured in published research exploring the effectiveness of fall-prevention interventions.

Box Icon Amsterdam UMC

Amsterdam UMC

VR shows promise as gait therapy tool for children with Cerebral Palsy

“Immediate Effects of Immersive Biofeedback on Gait in Children With Cerebral Palsy.“

Box Icon University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

Avoiding virtual obstacles during treadmill gait in Parkinson's Disease

The C-Mill treadmill has been used in the first study to assess how Parkinson’s Disease affects the capacity for obstacle avoidance as a function of the available time to respond.

Box Icon Perturbation gait training

Perturbation gait training

Using the Motek GRAIL, CAREN or C-Mill

A protocol for perturbation-based gait training in older adults at risk of falling.

Box Icon NICE


Report recommends strength and balance training for fall prevention

These programmes have shown to reduce the rate of falls, and the NHS RightCare pathway consider these programmes to be high-value interventions.

Box Icon Hokuto Hospital

Hokuto Hospital

The "Smart Rehabilitation" project using high-performance equipment

"To conclude we can say that Ms. A walking improved due to C-Mill training."

Box Icon Walking-adaptability therapy after stroke

Walking-adaptability therapy after stroke

Results of a randomised controlled trial

Recent Randomised Controlled Trials provide evidence that Gait Adaptability Training (GAT) using the C-Mill reduces fall rates in community-dwelling older adults.


AMTI have shared their full archive of published research on their website, please click here for more.

Box Icon Bilateral transtibial amputee gait study

Bilateral transtibial amputee gait study

Using 6 AMTI force plates

The effects of walking speed and prosthetic ankle adapters on upper extremity dynamics and stability-related parameters in bilateral transtibial amputee gait.

Box Icon Postural stability during reaching assessment

Postural stability during reaching assessment

Using an AMTI AccuSway force plate

Comparing age-related changes in anticipatory and dynamic postural control during standing reaches to various object heights.

Box Icon Comparing overground and treadmill walking

Comparing overground and treadmill walking

Using an Instrumented Treadmill

A kinematic and kinetic comparison of overground and treadmill walking in healthy subjects.

Cometa / Myon

See Cometa‘s full catalogue of publications on their website, please click here for more.

Box Icon Sensors MDPI Journal

Sensors MDPI Journal

Analysing swimming technique

"Integrated Timing of Stroking, Breathing, and Kicking in Front-Crawl Swimming: A Novel Stroke-by-Stroke Approach Using Wearable Inertial Sensors"

Box Icon Harper Adams University

Harper Adams University

Comparing muscle activity in horses

A research poster by Harper Adams University using Myon m320 EMG sensors examines the need to quantify the value of remedial exercises in horses.

Box Icon University of Bologna

University of Bologna

Using Cometa's WaveTrack IMU

"Gait parameters estimation using inertial sensors: comparative analysis of 12 methods."

Box Icon Don Gnocchi Foundation

Don Gnocchi Foundation

Using Cometa's WaveTrack IMU

"Regularity assessment of cyclic human movements: An innovative methods based on wearable sensors."

Box Icon Showing the added value of EMG and its limits

Showing the added value of EMG and its limits

When used to assess certain foot conditions in stroke patients.

"Added Value of Dynamic EMG in the Assessment of the Equinus and the Equinovarus Foot Deviation in Stroke Patients and Barriers Limiting Its Usage"

Box Icon The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh

Using Cometa's Mini Wave Waterproof

“Effect of water depth on muscle activity and stride duration when walking in the water at different speeds”

Box Icon The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo

Mini Wave Infinity Waterproof.

Basic locomotor muscle synergies used in land walking are finely tuned during underwater walking

Box Icon Khon Kaen University

Khon Kaen University

Wireless Mini Wave Plus

The Effect of Core Stabilization Exercise with the Abdominal Drawing-in Maneuver Technique on Stature Change during Prolonged Sitting in Sedentary Workers with Chronic Low Back Pain


View a full list of publications with Treadmetrix on their website here.

Box Icon Modern running-specific prostheses

Modern running-specific prostheses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Studying leg stiffness of sprinters using running-specific prostheses.

Box Icon Gait retraining after stress fracture

Gait retraining after stress fracture

University of Delaware

Gait retraining for the reduction of lower extremity loading.

Box Icon Measuring ground reaction forces and kinematics

Measuring ground reaction forces and kinematics

In elite amputee sprinters

Running-specific prostheses limit ground-force during sprinting.

AccuPower Solutions

Take a look at AccuPower Solutions‘ full list of published research online here.

Box Icon Chair Rise Performance

Chair Rise Performance

Hellmers; Fudickar; Lau; Elgert; Diekmann

Measurement of the Chair Rise Performance of Older People Based on Force Plates and IMUs.

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