Testimonial - Wendy Edge

CEO, The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC)

Testimonial for C-Mill Treadmill

“BASIC are delighted to be using the C-Mill with clients recovering from acquired brain injury. It’s helping improve balance, walking and confidence and making a big difference to people’s quality of life.”

Case studies:

“A 54-year-old patient had a left-sided stroke in September 2016. After 10 sessions using Virtual Reality (VR), including the C-Mill, she stated she was more confident in her walking and her balance skills had improved. This means she felt safer when walking around, both indoors and outdoors.”

“A 52-year-old patient suffered a right-sided weakness following a stroke in April 2017. He had 10 sessions using Virtual Reality, including the C-Mill. He states that his confidence has grown and he feels safe walking short distances, and he is now able to manage the stairs.”

“A 60-year-old patient has right-sided weakness following a haemorrhagic stroke in 2011. He has had 12 sessions using Virtual Reality, including the C-Mill, and he feels he is confident in walking and everyday movement including indoor and outdoor activities. This includes managing to step up curbs and weather-related challenges. The C-Mill’s Gait Adaption applications have helped with better placing of the right foot when using the stepping stones programme, and the obstacle avoidance challenges has helped this patient with walking on pavements.”

Client Testimonials