Welcome to Summit Medical and Scientific

We are the UK distributor for AMTIMotek, HocomaMyon EMGTreadmetrix, and AccuPower Solutions, supplying innovative biomechanics and rehabilitation systems across the country.

Whether you’re looking for systems which accurately measure gait and balance for clinical assessment and research, or equipment which empowers your patients throughout their neurological rehabilitation process to achieve the best results, Summit Medical and Scientific will find the best solution for you.

Founded over 20 years ago, we work with market leaders to bring state-of-the-art precise measurement systems and therapy devices to universities, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, sports centres, football clubs and military facilities.

We’re proud to supply systems such as the augmented and virtual reality C-Mill treadmill, the Andago robotic body weight support gait system, the Gait Real Time Interactive Lab (GRAIL), the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN), a wide range of AMTI force plates and instrumented equipment, AMTI and Treadmetrix treadmills and Myon wireless EMG and IMUs. Contact us today.

About Us

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We take the time to understand your needs, and work with you to provide the equipment you require.

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We’ll take care of shipping and logistics, and will provide an onsite installation service wherever needed.

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We’ll provide training once you’re ready to go, and ongoing technical support from day one.

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With over 20 years’ experience, we’re proud to advise on all builds to ensure they are custom to your needs.


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Latest News

Bournemouth Orthopaedic Research Institute featured in national campaign

We were pleased to see Bournemouth University's Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI) featured in the Universities UK (UUK) national campaign "MadeAtUni".

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Treatment at DNRC Stanford Hall could be available to the public

The Nottingham Post wrote yesterday that the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) could make its treatment facilities open to civilians who

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Trade in your old force plates for 10X better accuracy with Optima™

Did you know that you can trade in your old AMTI force plates to upgrade to the Optima Human Performance System, giving you ten times more accuracy? The

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The Hocoma Sales Partner meeting in Zurich, Switzerland (15-16 Nov)

It was a pleasure to attend another Hocoma Sales Partner meeting at Hocoma's headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland from the 15th - 16th of November 2018. We

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Announcing the RYSEN, next generation 3D body weight support from Motek

An all-directional assist-as-needed body weight support system to improve locomotor activities of daily life: The RYSEN is the new rehabilitation

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Clinical trials available for Hocoma’s Andago, ArmeoSenso and C-Mill

If you would like to trial robotic assistive technology devices with your own patients, contact us as we have systems ready to be installed at your clinic

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