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Our customer testimonials include recommendations from the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Morrello Clinic, Ascot Rehab, the Orthopaedic Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University, Sports Surgery Clinic and more.

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Box Icon Mike's Story

Mike's Story

The inspiring rehabilitation journey of a lower limb amputee

Mike's therapy sessions at The Morrello Clinic using the C-Mill treadmill allowed him to rediscover his drive to overcome any obstacle in his way.

Box Icon Nicole Cash

Nicole Cash

Portland Hospital for Women and Children

"There’s been a great reception from staff who have found the C-Mill easy to use; our patients have loved it, remaining engaged throughout treatment sessions."

Box Icon Wendy Edge

Wendy Edge

The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC)

"BASIC are delighted to be using the C-Mill with clients recovering from acquired brain injury. It’s making a big difference to people’s quality of life."

Box Icon Ascot Rehab

Ascot Rehab

Comments from Quality Report 2018

"We concentrated on integrating our new technology into our therapy programmes and we saw outstanding results in the Armeo upper limb robotic machinery as well the Lokomat."

Box Icon Tom Wainwright

Tom Wainwright

Orthopaedic Research Institute

"We’re very impressed with the service that Summit provides throughout the procurement, installation and support process, and would highly recommend them."

Box Icon Gabor Barton MD PhD

Gabor Barton MD PhD

Liverpool John Moores University

"Working with Summit has been a professional yet personal and informal experience. Whether over the phone, in email or in person, we have always been on the same wavelength."

Box Icon Alex Chapman

Alex Chapman

Bryanston School

"Working with Summit has been a very easy process… I would definitely recommend Summit for anyone looking to purchase AMTI force platforms."

Box Icon Morgan Williams

Morgan Williams

University of South Wales

"Summit Medical and Scientific has provided us exceptional product support and service over the years. Summit responds quickly to correspondence and is always helpful."

Box Icon Dr. Chris Richter

Dr. Chris Richter

Sports Surgery Clinic

"The Sports Surgery Clinic has only had positive experiences with Summit and I can only recommend them."

Box Icon BASIC


Case Studies 2019-20

"[The CAREN] is a great machine, I would recommend it to anyone and it should be more available to more people."

Box Icon Mike Jones

Mike Jones

C-Mill user at The Morrello Clinic

"The C-Mill is an amazing piece of equipment which has changed my life... It’s made me more confident and pushes me to make improvements in a safe environment.”

Box Icon VSimulators


University of Exeter

Unique within the UK and the world, we spoke to the VSimulators team in a two-part series to find out how they use technology at their innovative new facility.


Box Icon University Hospitals Dorset

University Hospitals Dorset

NHS Charity fundraising

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity have successfully fundraised for a LokomatPro gait training robot for the Acute Stroke Unit, which will help patients relearn how to walk.

Box Icon Netflix documentary

Netflix documentary

Force plates, EMG used in baby gait lab

A new documentary series called “Babies” on Netflix explores the groundbreaking science that reveals how infants discover life during their very first year.

Box Icon Kate Button

Kate Button

Cardiff University

“As a physiotherapist you rely on your observation and watching people. What this technology enables us to do is be much more quantitative."

Box Icon BBC


Will robots walk on Mars?

Dara Ó Briain meets Prof Sethu Vijayakumar at Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, using the M-Gait and Vicon mocap to help develop the Mars robot.

Box Icon CAREN training at DNRC

CAREN training at DNRC

Featuring Mike Jones (lower limb amputee)

Videos from the first round of CAREN training for the new staff at the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC).

Box Icon BASIC


Paediatric virtual reality rehabilitation with the CAREN

See how Sophie, who had a minor stroke in 2010, uses the CAREN as part of her virtual reality (VR) rehabilitation at BASIC to improve her balance and movement.

Box Icon DNRC & DMRC on the BBC

DNRC & DMRC on the BBC

VR used to help injured military personnel

The DMRC revealed its state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities for the first time thanks to coverage from multiple news outlets.

Box Icon Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Virtual reality PTSD treatment has ‘big impact’ for veterans

A BBC piece explores how virtual reality could be used to help military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder who have struggled with mainstream treatment.

Box Icon Forces TV

Forces TV

AMTI and Motek technology in action at the DMRC

Forces TV looked inside the new Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) at the state-of-the-art Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC).

Box Icon Helios Klinik Hattingen

Helios Klinik Hattingen

Interview: Robot-assisted therapy in neurology

Michael Klein, Therapy Management and Planning Services, was interviewed by Medica about the benefits of using robotics for neurological rehabilitation.

Box Icon The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre

The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre

Paediatric patient plays on the CAREN

In the video a child, who has cerebral palsy, practises football on the CAREN, improving their scores and enjoying the game.

Box Icon Bournemouth Orthopaedic Research Institute

Bournemouth Orthopaedic Research Institute

MadeAtUni campaign

The campaign aims to celebrate inventions, discoveries and initiatives made by academics which have had a transformative impact on people’s everyday lives.