Recent ITV News coverage shows how Cardiff University are using their Motek GRAIL system (Gait Realtime Analysis Interactive Lab) to research improving therapy treatments.

The GRAIL is an instrumented virtual reality system, using motion capture and force plate technology to record and analyse how the human body moves. Recording forces makes injuries measurable, which is key to monitoring a patient’s improvement after injury and ensuring the patient receives treatment tailored to their needs.

With these findings, Cardiff University’s team of researchers are hoping that what is learned here can be transferred to everyday patient clinics, and make big changes to the traditional methods of physiotherapy.

Kate Button, physiotherapist and researcher, said: “As a physiotherapist you rely on your observation and watching people. What this technology enables us to do is be much more quantitative. We can now actually measure accurately how patients are moving and that’s really exciting, because you know you’re doing your job better and doing your job well. It gives you the chance of giving the best treatment to patients.”

Watch the full segment here: