Case Studies


Using the Motek Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) at the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre to rehabilitate their clients.

“It’s a great machine, I would recommend it to anyone and it should be more available to more people. It has helped me with balance, concentration and walking. It has met more than my expectations.” – Client 2019-20

Stuart's Story

When Stuart fell and fractured his spine, they thought he would never walk again. But once treatment was over, pure determination was key to getting back on his feet, and even got him walking up the stairs. Unfortunately, two subsequent falls led to a broken arm, then a broken hip, and it began to get too much.

Stuart struggled to get to his feet, and even weekly home physio couldn’t help him start moving. The therapist could no longer see the opportunity for meaningful progress and Stuart was discharged from his rehab programme. It seemed not even determination could help now. Then someone in the community suggested the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre – and as Stuart’s partner Valerie herself says: ‘it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us.’

A friendly greeting and initial conversation identified that the first step to walking again was building confidence. The next session with BASIC’s specialist neuro physio team brought Stuart to his feet while safe in their hands. From a very nervous position, things started to seem possible again. Weekly visits to the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre using the CAREN virtual reality therapy equipment, alongside home exercises, aimed for the realistic goal of walking the length of the room with a stroller, and being able to get in the car.

Due to Stuart’s increased confidence, the skilled BASIC team, and a supportive partner, Stuart developed his capabilities and walked the full length of the room 3 weeks after his first session. In his life with Valerie outside BASIC’s Centre he even managed to get in the car and meet friends at Christmas and New Year. There are still areas to improve on but again in Valerie’s words: ‘His achievement is unbelievable. Before visiting BASIC I really believed that he would never walk again. The confidence and belief that Caroline and Carol have given him as well as the treatment to use his legs again is just amazing. They have worked magic. Words cannot express our gratitude to them”.

Malcolm's Story

Malcolm was referred to BASIC in October 2019 following a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. A rare condition that affects the peripheral nervous system causing numbness, muscle weakness and pain, that begins in the feet and hands, often spreading to the arms and upper body. Following Malcolm’s initial visit to BASIC an ‘action plan’ was agreed with the goals of helping him to improve muscle strength, balance and mobility.

Malcolm, a Military Veteran, started attending BASIC in November 2019 for CAREN Virtual Reality Therapy. We were able to offer Malcolm a Veterans Bursary, funding raised through charitable fundraising for Military Veterans, to have 12 virtual reality therapy sessions free of charge using the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment). In January 2020, Malcolm’s physical stamina, balance and confidence had greatly improved and he felt ready to make the next step forward towards his ultimate goal of returning to some kind of paid employment and is now currently applying for jobs in the community.

Oliver's Story, Age 17

Oliver, aged 17, had a traumatic brain injury in a road traffic accident. He has a plate in his head following surgery to reduce brain swelling and is waiting for the plate to be replaced following an infection. He is mobile but has a left-sided weakness which has affected his balance and his leg drags when fatigued. He has problems with executive functioning, short term memory, word-finding and concentration/attention.

Sessions improved physical stamina, walking pattern and balance. He also improved his ability to concentrate. His mum wrote “These sessions have given Oli something to look forward to. He really enjoyed the sessions and they have improved him both physically and mentally.

Oliver's Story, Age 16

Oliver, aged 16, complained of severe headaches in August 2018 and was admitted to Manchester Children’s Hospital for removal of a brain tumour in September 2018. He has been left with right-sided weakness and has been undergoing NHS community physiotherapy. He completed sessions using the CAREN at BASIC. Oliver commented that the CAREN “helped a lot for balance and control in my right shoulder.” His mum commented “This has been a great support in Oliver’s rehabilitation and he has enjoyed the sessions. His physiotherapist has noticed a big improvement in his balance and mobility.”

Client Testimonials