The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) is the world’s most advanced biomechanics laboratory. Developed by Motek, the CAREN is a versatile, multi-sensory system used for clinical analysis, rehabilitation, and the evaluation and training of human movement, balance and gait.

The CAREN combines a motion platform with six degrees of freedom, an instrumented force plate dual belt treadmill, motion capture, high speed video, D-Flow software, virtual reality (VR) and surround sound, and uses game elements and immersive interactions to engage the subject within a real time feedback loop.

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“It has improved my walking, confidence and hope for the future. BASIC has really helped with my recovery. I am now back at work one day a week.”

Client at the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, 2019-20.

“It’s a great machine I would recommend it to anyone and it should be more available to more people. It has helped me with balance, concentration and walking. It has met more than my expectations.”

Client at the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, 2019-20.

CAREN Configurations

There are two different configurations available, which can be tailored to your specific needs:

Box Icon CAREN Extended

CAREN Extended

This features a dual-belt instrumented treadmill which is mounted on the motion base. There is also a cylindrical virtual reality projection screen which allows wider peripheral vision scope of up to 180 degrees. This is bespoke for balance and all gait applications.

Box Icon CAREN High End

CAREN High End

This model is the most advanced set up, featuring a 360 degrees dome for a fully-immersive virtual reality experience and a dual belt mounted instrumented treadmill. Again, this is bespoke for all balance and gait applications.

Box Icon CAREN Upgrades

CAREN Upgrades

Every CAREN can be upgraded in terms of kinetic and kinematic add-ons, wireless EMG, motion capture, data gloves, head mounted systems, haptic systems, heart rate measurement systems, energy consumption systems, pressure measurement systems, and other device integrations using the D-Flow software.

Other Motek Products

For research and clinical uses.

Box Icon C-Mill


The C-Mill is an augmented and virtual reality instrumented single belt treadmill, used for the evaluation and training of impaired gait and balance.

Box Icon GRAIL


The GRAIL (Gait Realtime Analysis Interactive Lab) is a complete solution for gait analysis on 25m², and training in challenging conditions on a dual-belt instrumented treadmill with fast pitch and sway.

Box Icon HERO Solution

HERO Solution

The HERO Solution, developed by Motek and in cooperation with Monitored Rehab Systems, is a 5-system solution for complete functional movement rehabilitation.

Box Icon M-Gait


The M-Gait is a modular 3D instrumented dual-belt treadmill, which can have various upgrades to enhance your set-up such as pitch and sway, motion capture, bodyweight support and virtual reality.

Box Icon Motek Software

Motek Software

Including D-Flow, a control software suite which provides real-time data streams and users can easily create their own applications, and The Human Body Model for visualisations of muscle forces of the subject’s body on-screen.

Box Icon RYSEN


The RYSEN is the next generation of 3D body weight support systems, assisting patients in an all-directional, assist as-needed capacity to improve movement function.