Summit Medical and Scientific are delighted to join MiNT 2024 as gold sponsors and showcase the latest technology in neurorehabilitation in the exhibition area.

Taking place at the Royal Society of Medicine on Monday 15th April, this year’s theme for the Masterclass In Neuro Rehabilitation is “Clinical Application of Neurotechnology: A Disruptive Approach”. Click here to register for your ticket.

Find us in the exhibition area where we will be demonstrating two new devices for upper and lower limb rehabilitation – the ROBERT® and the Armeo®Spring Pro!

Demonstrating the ROBERT®

The ROBERT® is a portable robotic device for early and acute mobilisation and rehabilitation. Developed by Life Science Robotics, ROBERT® is the only acute therapy device that can train both the upper and lower limb with one system.

ROBERT® offers active resistive, active assistive and passive mobilisation for the upper and lower limb, providing patients and healthcare professionals with better conditions for rehabilitation. With 7 degrees of freedom, therapists first define the movement using the device, including Activities of Daily Living or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. The ROBERT® then carries out the intensive therapy for upper and lower extremities either in-bed or seated.

With an additional Sensing and Stimulation module, ROBERT® can intelligently sense the intent of an immobile patient based on the signals from the muscles, which is combined with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). This supports the patient in contracting the weakened muscles, and perform exercises with the ROBERT® as early as possible.

Demonstrating the Armeo®Spring Pro

The Armeo®Spring Pro is the latest development in upper limb rehabilitation technology from our partner Hocoma.

With customisable arm weight support, powered by patented TrueG technology, the Armeo®Spring Pro allows patients to receive precise arm weight support from shoulder extension to shoulder flexion. Patients perform a high number of repetitions of grasp and reach movements, taking their therapy to the next level.

The Armeo®Spring Pro enables training of the entire movement chain from the shoulder to the hand. This customisable exoskeleton facilitates personalised therapy by allowing therapists to block specific joints and focus on selective movements

Game-like Augmented Performance Feedback and Virtual Reality exercises motivate to train actively core movement patterns that are commonly used in activities of daily living.

Sponsor speed dating

You will hear from our clinical team during the speed dating session on the main stage between 13:05 and 13:20 where we will introduce our range of devices and talk about the power of rehabilitation technology and robotics. You don’t want to miss it!

Coming soon…

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels over the next few weeks for an exciting new announcement! If you just can’t wait until then, visit our team in the exhibition area for a sneak preview.

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