Cometa EMG Easy Report Software

The Cometa EMG Easy Report Software allows you to analyse data acquired by your EMG and IMU device and saved in c3d format.

It is extremely quick to learn and simple to use, with superior features developed in years of clinical and research experience. Read the Easy Report Software brochure here.

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Key features include:

  • Signal quality check with FFT
  • .c3d compatible Raw signal display as well as RMS, rectified EMG, envelope, band pass and Notch filtering
  • Computations on epochs (RMS, ARV, IEMG, FFT)
  • Advanced cycle analysis using Footswitches
  • Fatigue plot

Cometa Products

Box Icon Accessories


Customise your EMG or IMU products to your specific needs with these Cometa accessories, including remote controllers and finewire probes.

Box Icon Mini Wave

Mini Wave

The Cometa Mini Wave is currently the smallest EMG transmitter in the world, weighing only 7 grams.

Box Icon Mini Wave Infinity

Mini Wave Infinity

The Mini Wave Infinity is a state-of-the-art wireless EMG and data logger and is an evolution of the Mini Wave.

Box Icon Mini Wave Waterproof

Mini Wave Waterproof

This special version of the Mini Wave Infinity is fully waterproof, allowing the acquisition of EMG signal underwater.

Box Icon PicoEMG


Similar to the Mini Wave Infinity, the PicoEMG features minimalist design, improved battery life, smaller size, integrated accelerometer and on-board memory.

Box Icon  Wave Plus EMG

Wave Plus EMG

The Wave Plus wireless EMG system has been designed to be the best wireless EMG system in the world.

Box Icon WaveTrack IMU

WaveTrack IMU

The WaveTrack Inertial System is the ultimate solution for inertial motion tracking, and is the smallest wireless IMU transmitter in the world.