Summit Medical and Scientific are proud to announce silver sponsorship of the annual Jacqueline Webb Expert Conference. Taking place at the Belfry Hotel & Resort just outside of Birmingham, you can find the team exhibiting in the conservatory area on Tuesday June 20th.

Jacqueline Webb are the UK’s top rehabilitation cost consultancy providing expert care and equipment cost analyses for personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

The Summit Medical and Scientific team will be in the exhibition area where we will be demonstrating our range of upper and lower limb rehabilitation technology devices including the ArmeoSpring, ArmeoSenso, Andago and Erigo.

The total solution for neurorehabilitation

“We should be looking at how we can enhance rehabilitation with robotics, and deliver rehabilitation that is enabled by technology as much as possible.” – Dr Louise Johnson, University Hospitals Dorset.

Summit Medical and Scientific represent clinical technology leaders Hocoma and Motek to provide the total solution for neurorehabilitation in the UK. Our partners have developed innovative therapy devices using robotics, sensors and virtual reality for early and acute rehabilitation, gait and balance therapy, arm and hand therapy, body weight support and more.

Our devices from Hocoma include:

  • The Andago free-moving overground robotic body weight support system.
  • The 4-device Armeo Therapy Concept for mild to severely impaired upper limb rehabilitation, including the NEW ArmeoSpring Pro.
  • The Erigo robotic tilt-table for early verticalisation, with cyclic leg movement and FES therapy.
  • The Lokomat for intensive early robotic-assisted gait training.

Our devices from Motek include:

Click here to view all of our clinical solutions.

Supplying the latest rehabilitation technology across the UK

We are proud to work with NHS hospitals, clinics, charities and military facilities across the UK, including the new Cleveland Clinic London, Royal Bournemouth Hospital Acute Stroke Unit, the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC), the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC), Ascot Rehab, Neural Pathways, and Morrello Clinic.

You can read some of our latest contributions to stroke recovery and rehabilitation technology in the “Innovations in Stroke” special report in the Stroke Rehab Times. Click here to read the report.

We also recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Louise Johnson and Karen Smith from University Hospitals Dorset in a three-part series for the Stroke Rehab Times. In these articles, we looked at the UHD charity’s award-winning fundraising campaign in 2020 to purchase a Hocoma Lokomat at Royal Bournemouth Hospital. The Lokomat, a state-of-the-art electromechanical gait trainer, has been helping stroke patients learn how to walk again since it was installed in the Acute Stroke Unit.

Read now: “University Hospitals Dorset: Pioneering the NHS rehab revolution with robotics.”

About Summit Medical and Scientific

Summit Medical and Scientific are passionate about the power of rehabilitation technology.

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