The Motek GRAIL (Gait Realtime Analysis Interactive Lab) is a dedicated solution for gait analysis and training in challenging conditions to improve gait patterns. It is the total package with real-time feedback and user-friendly assessments and applications.

The GRAIL uses an instrumented dual-belt treadmill with pitch and sway, a motion capture system, three video cameras, EMG, and synchronised virtual reality environments.

The treadmill contains a force plate, and the left and right treadmill belt speeds can be controlled separately. This allows a split-belt walking protocol, and advanced gait research applications can mimic tripping or slipping, provoked by sudden belt stops, accelerations, or use of the fast pitch and sway functionality.

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The GRAIL is suitable for patients who require rehabilitation for neurological and neuromuscular problems, stroke, amputees, orthopaedic disorders, the elderly, and those who are at an increased risk of falling.

All of this functionality requires less than one third of the lab space of a traditional gait lab, as the complete GRAIL is contained within 25m squared. As the therapist, you can monitor, adjust and intervene with your patient in real time, making easy adjustments which enables training, analysis and evaluation in the same session.

Download the GRAIL brochure here.

Other Motek Products

For research and clinical uses.

Box Icon CAREN


The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) is a versatile, multi-sensory system used for clinical analysis, rehabilitation, evaluation and training of human movement, balance and gait.

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The C-Mill is an augmented and virtual reality instrumented single belt treadmill, used for the evaluation and training of impaired gait and balance.

Box Icon HERO Solution

HERO Solution

The HERO Solution, developed by Motek and in cooperation with Monitored Rehab Systems, is a 5-system solution for complete functional movement rehabilitation.

Box Icon M-Gait


The M-Gait is a modular 3D instrumented dual-belt treadmill, which can have various upgrades to enhance your set-up such as pitch and sway, motion capture, bodyweight support and virtual reality.

Box Icon Motek Software

Motek Software

Including D-Flow, a control software suite which provides real-time data streams and users can easily create their own applications, and The Human Body Model for visualisations of muscle forces of the subject’s body on-screen.

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The RYSEN is the next generation of 3D body weight support systems, assisting patients in an all-directional, assist as-needed capacity to improve movement function.