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Webinar: “Advanced Rehabilitation Solutions for Stroke” with NHS Lothian

The Summit Medical and Scientific team are delighted to be joining an exciting Stroke Topic speaking session with NHS Lothian on February 22nd, from

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Armeo Extra Time: Family and caregivers can participate in rehab

Elevate your therapy sessions to the next level with the ArmeoSpring Pro, the latest development in upper limb rehabilitation technology from our partner

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Cometa launches RemoteX: compatible with all WaveX EMG IMU systems

Our partner Cometa have released the brand new RemoteX, compatible with all WaveX systems. This device is available for delivery now, contact us to find out

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Meeting the 2023 National Clinical Guideline for Stroke with the Lokomat

In the third blog in our series looking at the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke, we're highlighting the Lokomat by Hocoma. The 2023 Stroke

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Profile rugby, ice hockey players with XSENSOR Intelligent Insoles

XSENSOR's fourth webinar, part of the 'Plantar Pressure Mapping in Team Sports' series, delves into using the Intelligent Insoles system to assess and

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How to avoid compensatory movements with the ArmeoSpring Pro

Our partner Hocoma have shared a Tips and Tricks video series introducing the ArmeoSpring Pro and sharing expert insights, clever hacks and hands-on

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Meeting the 2023 National Clinical Guideline for Stroke with the Erigo

In this second blog  we’re taking a look at the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke, which defines recommended best practices within stroke care in

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Summit clinical team visits Life Science Robotics for ROBERT® training

This week the Summit Medical and Scientific clinical team travelled to Aalborg, Denmark, where we were welcomed by Life Science Robotics and got hands on

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Cleveland Clinic London uses Hocoma Total Solution in Rehabilitation Unit

Our customer Cleveland Clinic London, one of the leading providers of specialised medical care in the world and the second largest private hospital in

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