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An idea for COVID-19 patients? Use the Andago to retrain walking

Hocoma has recently shared this interesting case of a patient using the Andago to retrain walking after pneumonia in Changi General Hospital,

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COVID-19: disinfection recommendations for Motek systems

Motek has shared recommendations and general information from experts around the world, updating many of the hygiene and

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FitPro blog: rehabilitating clients following COVID-19 illness

Louise Burgess and Tom Wainwright, from the Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournemouth University, have shared a briefing for exercise professionals and

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Hocoma and Motek’s series of Advanced Technologies webinars

Motek and Hocoma have recently launched their series of webinars discussing the use of advanced technologies. This is your opportunity to ask about

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“A 20-year adventure in rehab robotics” – Hocoma in NR Times

Our partner Hocoma has been featured in this month's edition of NR Times. The article, which can be read online, marks the company's 20th anniversary and

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Cometa EMG and Motion Tools 7.3 update has been released

Cometa has released the EMG and Motion Tools 7.3 update. 3D visualisation of joint angle protocols has now the possibility to choose a Skeleton model in

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Webinar: Why rehabilitation technology should be the present

Our partners at Hocoma and Motek have announced a new webinar series, starting on Thursday 7th May with Dr Ursula Costa, Global Head of Clinical &

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Orthopaedic Research Institute publishes latest biomechanics research

The Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournemouth University have published their latest research, reporting a comprehensive experimental methodology on two

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Hygiene and disinfection information for Hocoma devices during Covid-19

Our partner Hocoma have shared their latest updates for hygiene and disinfection recommendations for their robotic and sensor devices. Hocoma have also

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