The latest webinar in the free series developed by Motek and Hocoma will highlight guidelines published by clinical experts on physiotherapy management for COVID-19 patients. Join the webinar on the 2nd of June at 3PM Zurich time (GMT+2) / 2PM London time (GMT+1). Register here.

In the current crisis, it is often the case that the long-term effects of hospital admission on patients with COVID-19 are neglected. Patients, who have been infected with COVID-19 and have been admitted to the hospital, should undergo physiotherapy as soon as their condition permits. Severely ill patients, who are on ventilators and are confined to a hospital bed for extended periods of time, have difficulty breathing as well as other physical problems due to prolonged inactivity.

Physiotherapists can be of great value to patients and their care in this regard.​ In this webinar, Patricia Rodrigues, an experienced physiotherapist, and guests will talk about the guidelines published by the clinical expert groups, providing helpful recommendations on physiotherapy management for patients with COVID-19. You will learn what kind of therapy these guidelines recommend and what challenges PTs are experiencing in providing this therapy.

Patricia is a physiotherapist, experienced in working with patients with neurological disorders. She was temporarily placed at the Hôpital Emile Muller-Mulhouse due to the COVID-19 sanitary crisis and supported the recovery of many patients.

Other speakers include Dr. Tay San San, Chief and Senior Consultant at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Changi General Hospital, Singapore. Dr. Tay will share her insight on the pulmonary case report published recently and her experience with Andago with post-COVID-19 patients.

Also speaking will be Vai Lachaux, Physiotherapist at Hopital Emille Muller- GHR Mulhouse Sud Alsace, France. Vai is experienced in ICU and continuous unit care and has been an important hand on the COVID-19 rehabilitation process during past months.

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