We are pleased to share that Summit Medical and Scientific are celebrating our 25th anniversary today!

Led for over 20 years by Managing Director Sara Brammall, Summit was co-founded in 1995 with her husband Andy and together they started off working in the motion capture industry. Summit’s first partner was Peak Performance Technologies, a Denver-based motion capture specialist who developed industry-leading motion measurement and analysis for sports performance and research.

Not long after followed AMTI, based outside of Boston, who Summit have enjoyed a successful partnership with for over two decades. AMTI’s pioneering force plate technology has remained at the forefront of multi-axis force measurement for 40 years, and we are proud to have worked alongside them for such a long time.

In recent years Summit has branched out beyond the field of biomechanics, and has partnered with rehabilitation and research industry-leaders Motek and Hocoma, as well as exploring the field of EMG first with Myon and now Cometa. We are pleased to also represent Treadmetrix treadmills, AccuPower Solutions and Hawkin Dynamics.

To date, Summit has installed AMTI force plates at almost every major university in the UK, helped to deliver the world’s most advanced biomechanics and rehabilitation lab for the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre alongside Motek, and partnered with industry-leading pioneers in the fields of rehabilitation, research and biomechanics.

Thank you to all of our partners, customers and friends, and here’s to the next 25 years!