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Webinar: Why rehabilitation technology should be the present

Our partners at Hocoma and Motek have announced a new webinar series, starting on Thursday 7th May with Dr Ursula Costa, Global Head of Clinical &

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Orthopaedic Research Institute publishes latest biomechanics research

The Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournemouth University have published their latest research, reporting a comprehensive experimental methodology on two

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Hygiene and disinfection information for Hocoma devices during Covid-19

Our partner Hocoma have shared their latest updates for hygiene and disinfection recommendations for their robotic and sensor devices. Hocoma have also

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The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre’s case studies from 2019-20

Salford-based charity The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) have shared with us their latest case studies from 2019-20. In these case studies, BASIC

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Hocoma Armeo case study, Rheinburg-Klinik, Switzerland

“I can’t over-emphasise how important it is that the effort with the Armeo is self-initiated. In hands-on therapy, the initiation often comes from the

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Summit Medical and Scientific: Supporting customers during COVID-19

The Summit Medical and Scientific team are available remotely for all new and existing customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenging

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European Neuro Convention rescheduled for 9-10 November 2020

The European Neuro Convention has been rescheduled for the 9th - 10th November 2020, still to be hosted at the NEC in Birmingham. The conference,

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Filling the gaps in occupational and physical therapy with technology

Hocoma's industry insights series has looked at how technology can fill the gaps in occupational and physical therapy. It is unsurprising that, as the

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Patients at rehabilitation hospitals spending up to 72% of their time idle

Hocoma have released a new industry insight PDF, where it is estimated that patients at rehabilitation hospitals spend up to 72% of their time not

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