Summit Medical and Scientific are proud to virtually exhibit at the digital joint scientific meeting of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM), the Society for Research in Rehabilitation (SRR), and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for People with Learning Disabilities (ACCPLD).

The theme for this year’s meeting is “Rehabilitation, research, practice and education in the era of Covid-19”.

This conference is being hosted remotely on the 10th and 11th of November 2020 from 12 noon daily. You can register here and find programme details here.

We will be representing our partners Hocoma and Motek, who are market leaders in the fields of neurological rehabilitation and robotic technology. Their devices are suitable for patients with neurological disorders, brain and spinal injuries, movement disorders and more.

Using technology to rehabilitate COVID-19 patients

To view Hocoma‘s recent webinar highlighting guidelines published by clinical experts on physiotherapy management for COVID-19 patients, click here.

Hocoma have recently shared this insightful study where The Changi General Hospital in Singapore used the Andago robotic body weight support system to rehabilitate a Post-Critical Care COVID-19 patient, helping to break out of the vicious cycle of early desaturation, limited mobility, and further deconditioning. Click here to read the study.

Hocoma have also shared this research into using the Andago for pulmonary rehabilitation. The case described involves a 31 year old patient with a arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. For this particular patient, the disease led to scoliosis and an associated restrictive lung disease. Due to this pre-condition, when she was recently hospitalized with pneumonia, she needed ventilator support and ICU care. Following release to the general ward, the patient was unable to ambulate further than 3m, even with physical support and she had a dependency on oxygen. And here is where the Andago came in. Referred to an inpatient rehabilitation program, the Andago permitted the patient to start walking training despite her conditions and by the 6th session, she was able to walk over 300m with only minimal body weight support. Click here to read the study.

About Hocoma

Hocoma is the global market leader for the development, manufacturing and marketing of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy, including the Andago, Armeo range, Erigo, Lokomat and ValedoMotion. Find out more about Hocoma and their products here.

About Motek

Motek is the global leader in virtual reality and robotics research and rehabilitation, combining almost 20 years of experience in high-level technologies. Motek excel in building the most versatile devices, integrating latest technologies and ensuring real-time data collectionm including the CAREN, C-Mill, GRAIL, M-Gait and RYSEN. Read more.