Leading rehabilitation and biomechanics supplier Summit Medical and Scientific becomes UK sales partner for ddrobotec® by Dynamic Devices AG.

Summit Medical and Scientific, the UK’s award-winning supplier of state-of-the-art rehabilitation and biomechanics systems, are proud to announce a new partnership with ddrobotec®.

ddrobotec® has been created by Dynamic Devices, a Swiss-based company developing technology for smart resistance training, precision diagnostics, and digital gaming for optimal health and performance. This exciting robotic system provides ground-breaking, personalised and data-driven health and sports technology, and is brand new to the UK.

Sara Brammall, Managing Director at Summit Medical and Scientific, said:

“We are delighted to become the new sales partner for Dynamic Devices and bring ddrobotec® to the UK for the very first time. We are excited to uniquely offer variations of this innovative system across both our clinical and biomechanics divisions, supporting clinicians, sports professionals and researchers.

ddrobotec® can benefit anyone – whether you’re a professional athlete, requiring rehabilitation following injury or surgery, or exploring your longevity journey. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with ddrobotec® by Dynamic Devices, and get in touch with our team if you’d like to find out more.”

Dr. Max Lungarella, Founder and CEO of ddrobotec® by Dynamic Devices, said:

“ddrobotec® empowers individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle and actively contribute to a health-conscious society. We are absolutely thrilled to working together with Summit Medical and Scientific as our UK distributor. Their commitment to quality and innovation, making them the ideal partner to help us roll out our groundbreaking technology across the UK.”

Introducing ddrobotec®

ddrobotec® is an innovative system for health and performance that combines smart resistance training, precision diagnostics and digital gaming. ddrobotec® tracks and analyses the interaction between the central and peripheral nervous system with the lower extremities in real time.

The robotic system offers smart data analytics with real-time performance tracking and measurement of cognitive, sensorimotor and physical performance of the brain, nerves and legs.

Who can use ddrobotec®?

ddrobotec® offers next-level cognitive neuro-muscular training, rehabilitation and injury prevention for fitness, longevity and performance enhancement. Almost anybody can benefit from using ddrobotec®, including musculoskeletal and neurological users, recreational and professional athletes requiring back-to-sport therapy, and paediatric and geriatric users.

What are the benefits?

ddrobotec® improves physical and cognitive fitness, strength, balance and walking speed in a fun and motivating way. It provides a standardised environment where training intensity, duration and cognitive engagement are precisely measured, monitored and controlled.

More than 100 exergames with engaging audio-visual content and unique, dynamic force feedback keeps users of all ages and abilities motivated and challenges – ensuring compliance and reducing attrition.

The system measures peak strength, 1-RM, eccentric strength, left-right asymmetry, knee joint stability, precision and motor control, proprioception, peak power, rate of power development, reaction time, critical power, anaerobic fitness, fatigue index, and more!

About Summit Medical and Scientific

Summit Medical and Scientific are passionate about the power of technology.

We represent clinical technology leaders ddrobotec®, Hocoma, Life Science Robotics and Motek to provide the total solution for rehabilitation in the UK. Our partners have developed innovative therapy devices using robotics, sensors and virtual reality for early and acute rehabilitation, gait and balance therapy, arm and hand therapy, body weight support and more.

On the biomechanics side, we represent AccuPower Solutions, AMTI, Cometa, ddrobotec®, Motek, Treadmetrix and XSENSOR to offer the latest equipment for the the assessment and measurement of balance, gait, movement, athletic performance, strength and conditioning, podiatry, orthopaedics and more.

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