How does it work?

ddrobotec® is an innovative interactive robotic system that combines smart resistance training and precision diagnostics with digital gaming.

The robotrainer tracks and analyses the interaction between the central and peripheral nervous system with the lower extremities in real-time, offering smart data analytics with performance tracking and measurement of cognitive, sensorimotor and physical performance of the brain, nerves and legs.

The ddrobotec® Cloud™ aggregates and processes the data. Through various interfaces – user interface, smartphone app, user portal and data API – you can then access your actionable insights anytime.

Almost anybody can benefit from using ddrobotec®, including musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and neurological patients, clients requiring back-to-sport therapy, paediatric and geriatric users, and fitness and longevity enthusiasts.

Provide a next-level leg workout to increase quality of life, improve patient mobility, and engage child users with fun physical and cognitive games.

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ddrobotec® Sport

For innovative coaches, trainers, athletes and para-athletes looking to tap into unknown performance levels, avoid training burn-out and recover faster after an injury.

ddrobotec® allows athletes to step up their physical and mental game. Use artificial muscle technology and smart data analytics to safely explore performance limits and push past them. All data is recorded at all times, in real-time. Combine high-intensity resistance training with challenging visuo-motor tasks to boost your neuro-muscular and neuro-cognitive performance.

To precisely monitor coordination, strength, power and endurance, ddrobotec® employs a unique combination of sensors, artificial muscles and high-speed visual feedback.

This bestows robotic personal trainers with an unparalleled versatility. You can choose among dozens of training and test protocols and combine them to create thousands of workout plans. You can fine-tune sensorimotor coordination and proprioception, build up strength and muscles, and exercise power and endurance. The advanced AI engine will do the rest.

(Image credit: Copyright by Andreas Stommel, Physiotherapist and Managing Director at BZfAR.)

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ddrobotec® All-In-One

ddrobotec® All-In-One combines health with sport to offer testing, training and exergaming with data-driven insights.

Choose among dozens of validated, physiologically relevant and functional tests, and leverage the measured data immediately through smart data analytics tools and dashboards. Turn them into actionable performance-enhancing insights.

ddrobotec® All-In-One promotes muscle building, coordination, strength, power, endurance, motor learning and cognitive abilities. Each leg can be trained and measured independently. Ideal for all ages and fitness levels, and with over 100 exergames, users stay motivated and challenged by the audio-visual content and dynamic force feedback.

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ddrobotec® Products

Box Icon ddrobotec® All-In-One

ddrobotec® All-In-One

The all-in-one leg workout, combining health and sport for testing, training and exergaming for all ages and abilities.

Box Icon ddrobotec® Health

ddrobotec® Health

A smart resistance training system for interactive exercise, precision diagnostics and digital gaming for cognitive neuro-muscular training, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Box Icon ddrobotec® Sport

ddrobotec® Sport

A high-intensity resistance training system with challenging visuo-motor tasks to boost neuro-muscular and neuro-cognitive performance for athletics and sports performance.