2018 was a momentous year for our company, with our largest installation to date under our belts, kickstarting a new sales partnership, launching our new website, and attending (what felt like) countless events!

Our biggest achievement for the year goes to installing Europe’s first CAREN High End (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) at the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC), which we completed with our partner Motek. Work commenced in March, and thanks to a lot of grit, determination and some cake on our MD Sara’s birthday, the installation was completed on time. The DNRC was gifted to the nation in July, and the first military outpatient was treated at the partner site Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC – formerly at Headley Court) in September. We’re so proud to have been involved in the creation of this national facility, and look forward to hearing stories from patients using the CAREN system over the coming months.

We revisited the DNRC in September with Mike Jones, who we have had the pleasure of collaborating with several times throughout this year. Mike is a lower limb amputee at the Morrello Clinic in Newport, South Wales, and has grown to become our C-Mill Ambassador in the UK. Mike uses the C-Mill VR treadmill as part of his therapy, which has helped not only in his day-to-day life but also on the golf course! You can read Mike’s testimonial here, and view many videos of Mike using the DNRC’s CAREN system here.

Speaking of revisiting, we thought this year would be a good opportunity to re-launch our website, which was first built in 2010! We worked with Surrey-based web design company b:web over a few months, developing our vision to best represent our sales partners and show off our customers.

And what better way to kick off a new website than a new sales partner? We were thrilled to partner with Swiss company Hocoma in May, who are the market-leaders in robotic and sensor-based assistive technology. You might be familiar with their Lokomat system, which we are proud to supply as well as the Andago, Armeo, Erigo and Valedo. Hocoma also announced their new integrated software system this year called HocoNet, which allows therapists to oversee all their Hocoma devices in one place. Hocoma are now working with Motek‘s C-Mill VR treadmill, which we are pleased to offer for clinical trials along with the Andago body weight support system and the ArmeoSpring upper limb rehabilitation device. Contact us to find out more.

Huge congratulations to our partner Motek who also launched an exciting new product this year: the RYSEN. The RYSEN is the next generation of 3D body weight support for gait and balance training, empowering patients to complete their therapy in a safe and unrestricted environment. Read more.

We wouldn’t be able to talk about empowering patients without giving a special mention to the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC), who continue to exceed expectations of patients and industry partners alike. Their work is now being replicated by a hospital in China to help rehabilitate people with acquired brain injury. The development came following a visit from business investors last year who were so impressed with the facilities at BASIC’s centre that they are now planning to establish a facility using the same equipment, virtual reality technology and operating model as the charity’s. Congratulations to Wendy Edge and the team for their incredible work.

To round off this post, we would like to say thank you to our sales partners Accupower Solutions, AMTI, Hocoma, Motek, Myon and Treadmetrix, and all of our customers for your role in our successful year. We are proud to work with you to deliver state-of-the-art research and rehabilitation to so many inspiring institutions across the country. Happy New Year and we look forward to a fantastic 2019!