We are proud to be Gold Sponsors of BASES BIG 2021, the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science’s Biomechanics Interest Group annual meeting.

Taking place virtually on Friday April 9th, this year’s meeting celebrates the 21st century’s breakthroughs in science and biomechanics. The day is officially affiliated with National Biomechanics Day and the International Sports Engineering Association.

Tune in at 3:40pm to hear our MD Sara give you the latest updates from Summit Medical and Scientific.

For the full programme of keynote sessions and workshops, and to register for your place, please visit the BASES BIG 2021 website.

Our partners

Summit Medical and Scientific are proud to represent our partners in the biomechanics sector at the conference, including AMTI, Cometa, Motek, Treadmetrix, AccuPower Solutions, and our latest partner: XSENSOR.

To find out more and for a free no-obligation quote, please contact us via email or call 01372 459863.

About AMTI

AMTI designs and manufactures the industry standards in force measurement technology. Their Optima range provides a 10-fold improvement on any force plate technology available on the market, and all of AMTI’s standard force plates now undergo their patented Optima calibration process. This produces force plates that are more accurate and more repeatable from edge to edge than ever before.

All of AMTI‘s standard force plates and the AccuPower Portable Force Platform System use AccuPower Solutions‘ easy-to-use software and data collection workflows. Read more.

About Cometa

Cometa has a world-wide reputation for excellence in wireless EMG systems. Cometa’s technologies ensure high signal quality and integration capabilities, and their diverse portfolio includes miniature and waterproof EMGs and IMUs, software and accessories. Their systems can be used for heavy duty applications where dirt, sweat and other imperfections could compromise other devices.

About Motek

Motek are the global leader in treadmill-based gait analysis and training, combining 20 years’ experience of developing high-level technology systems. Motek’s ground-breaking augmented and virtual reality environments are combined with motion platforms, dual belt instrumented treadmills, motion capture and surround sound, which train and evaluate gait, balance, stability and movement.

About Treadmetrix

Treadmetrix’s single and dual belt instrumented force treadmills measure all 3 force components during walking and running up to a speed of 28.5 mph and 35% grade elevation. Gait analysis tools make rehabilitation, biofeedback training and performance assessment simple and easy. The treadmills provide excellent force/COP data and signal to noise ratio by incorporating four AMTI MC3 strain gauge sensors and GEN-5 amplifiers.


We are pleased to partner with XSENSOR in 2021 as their UK distributor. XSENSOR are the industry leader in intelligent dynamic sensing with state-of-the-art gait and motion research insoles, pressure pads and walkways. XSENSOR enable product designers, clinicians, sports industry professionals and researchers to achieve the highest levels of comfort, safety and performance.