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Treadmetrix manufacture single and dual belt high speed treadmills, which measure all 3 force components during walking and running up to a maximum speed of 28.5 mph, and up to 35% grade elevation.

Gait analysis tools make rehabilitation, biofeedback training and performance assessment simple and easy. The treadmills provide excellent force/centre of pressure data and signal to noise ratios by incorporating four AMTI MC3 strain gauge sensors and GEN-5 amplifiers.

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3D Force Treadmill

Their 3D force treadmill allows continuous measurements of reaction forces and centre of pressure during multiple footfalls, making it ideal for biomechanics research, clinical research, and sports science and medicine applications. The treadmill’s analogue outputs can be synchronised easily with most major motion capture systems. C-Motion’s Visual 3D software allows real-time biofeedback analysis and can be fully integrated with their advanced biomechanics suite.

Treadmetrix Products

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Including single belt with incline, single belt without incline, and dual belt instrumented treadmills.