Join Motek on January 28th at 2pm to learn about the latest software update for the C-Mill. Register for the webinar here.

The C-Mill is increasingly finding its way in routine clinical practice and more and more patients benefit from the functional rehabilitation possibilities the C-Mill offers. Motek are happy to present to you a substantial software update, including 8 new games! These provide even more options to work on various therapeutic goals related to gait and balance impairments.

The C-Mill software update includes:

  • 5 new games use both the front and belt projection at the same time, offering a strong dual tasking component, while at the same time addressing the important functional gait and balance performance goals
  • 2 games contain rich auditory cueing signals to improve the gait pattern
  • The Stroop test is improved, providing a walking or balance score, while being cognitively challenged
  • Bug fixes
  • Integration with other software, like Hoconet and FysioRoadmap

In this webinar, you will be shown the new games which all include rich Virtual Reality visuals and interactive and dynamic game-play. Specialists can also provide you more details on the new functionalities and explain how therapists and patients can benefit.

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