Cometa have released version 8 of EMG and Motion Tools which has been completely renovated to include a new style, the ability to change between light and dark mode, and multi-language functions including English (default language), Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.

To find out more about Cometa’s range of EMG and IMU sensors, please click here to visit their partners page.

To download the latest release please log in to Cometa’s website and find the installer in the download area.

EMG and Motion Tools 8: Main features
  • Record up to 32 channels synchronised (EMG+Accelerometer, IMU and Analog sensors) together with 2 footswitches
  • Real-time data view for EMG signal, IMU orientation and Raw data with 5 different protocols
  • Real-time computing of body kinematic with 3d Skeleton avatar animation: 14 protocols available from single joint analysis up to full body
  • Different types of EMG Biofeedback in real-time and off-line with sound feedback
  • Post processing of gait phases detection from IMU sensors
  • Automatic or manual generation of Gait and general events
  • Gait analysis: cycle and phases analysis for EMG and Joint Angles
  • EMG offline analyses: Filters, Spectrum analysis, Rms, Mvc, smoothing, iEMG, Wavelet, Frequency and amplitude fatigue analysis
  • Report in word and jpeg
  • Manual Synchronisation of externally recorded video (.avi and .mp4 format from any source)
  • Real-time recording and video compression
  • Online Custom Fusion from external plugins
  • Export signals and analyses in ASCII format