Summit Medical and Scientific are delighted to celebrate National Biomechanics Day on 6th April 2022.

National Biomechanics Day is now a worldwide celebration of everything from sports and clinical biomechanics to animal biomechanics and human engineering.

Events are being held around the world, both in person and online, with countless opportunities to discover the latest developments, research and technologies.

Among the event’s sponsors are our partners AMTI and Motek, who are both long-running supporters of National Biomechanics Day.

About AMTI

AMTI designs and manufactures the industry standards in force measurement technology, including force plates, instrumented treadmills, force/torque sensors, and simulation/wear testing machines.

The Optima force plate range is a major breakthrough in force measurement technology. When you purchase an AMTI Optima force plate, you know you are getting the best force platform system available.

AMTI produces four levels of Optima force plate systems:

  • The Optima-HPS (High Performance System) is the most accurate force platform available, offering a 10-fold improvement over any other force platform available today. Read more.
  • The Optima-BMS (Bio-Measurement System) is a close second in accuracy at a more affordable price. Read more.
  • The Optima-MMS (Medical Measurement System) is the only medical force plate in the EU and is a certified Class 1m Medical Device registered with the MHRA in the UK. Read more.
  • The Optima-SPS (Special Purpose System) allows activities on the top surface of the force plate to be viewed and recorded from the underside. Read more.

AMTI’s precise calibration involves up to 4000 measurements taken along a high-density grid that covers the entire platform’s surface. Multiple loads are applied up at up to 400 locations using a precision machine capable of maintaining absolute positioning accuracy of 0.005mm, which is certified by the Association for Manufacturing Technology.

All of AMTI‘s standard force plates and the AccuPower Portable Force Platform System use AccuPower Solutions‘ easy-to-use software and data collection workflows. Read more.

About Motek

Motek are the global leader in treadmill-based gait analysis and training, combining 20 years’ experience of developing high-level technology systems. Motek’s ground-breaking augmented and virtual reality environments are combined with motion platforms, dual belt instrumented treadmills, motion capture and surround sound, which train and evaluate gait, balance, stability and movement.

Motek products involve game elements and rich immersive interactions, which will engage and motivate your patients or subjects.

The technology uses multi-sensory real-time feedback via the D-Flow software, the Human Body Model (HBM) software, and offline analysis tools. The openness and flexibility of the software and the ease in which perturbations can be introduced allow researchers to answer the most complex of research questions.

Motek’s state-of-the-art biomechanics systems include:

  • The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN): the world’s most advanced biomechanics lab. Read more.
  • The C-Mill series of virtual reality and augmented reality instrumented treadmills. Read more.
  • The Gait Realtime Analysis Interactive Lab (GRAIL): a complete solution for gait analysis using a dual-belt instrumented treadmill with fast pitch and sway, motion capture and virtual reality. Read more.
  • The M-Gait: a modular 3D instrumented dual-belt treadmill, which can have various upgrades to enhance your set-up such as pitch and sway, motion capture, bodyweight support and virtual reality. Read more.
  • The RYSEN: the next generation of 3D body weight support systems, assisting subjects in an all-directional, assist as-needed capacity to improve movement function. Read more.
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