AMTI Biomechanics Measurement System (BMS)

AMTI’s Biomechanics Measurement System (BMS) is OPTIMA technology in the most affordable package.

OPTIMA is a revolutionary development in force plate technology, offering a 10-fold improvement over any other force platform system currently available.

The OPTIMA-BMS force plate system improves upon AMTI’s standard BP400600 and OR6-6/OR6-7 force plates by harnessing OPTIMA technology while maintaining a standard force platform system size which meets typical requirements.

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OPTIMA-BMS Specifications

AMTI’s OPTIMA-BMS specifications include:

  • Centre of pressure (COP) error typically of <0.4mm
  • Crosstalk, % app load, typically of ±20%
  • Measurement accuracy, % applied load typically ±25%