Considerations for choosing an AMTI force plate

• What are the primary applications – balance, gait analysis, sports, etc.?
• Are you working with children, adults, people with disabilities, animals, etc.?
• Should the system be portable or permanently mounted?
• Should the system be floor-mounted or installed within a specially-made recess?
• Are there any limitations to the space? i.e. size, whether the space isn’t on the ground level, etc.
• What size working surface or top plate will best suit the application? Do you need an extra small, or extra large, surface area?

• Will the force platform need to be covered?
• How you need the platform configuration? Does it need to be in line, staggered, or in variable positions?
• What capacity do you require the platform to be? What is the highest load you plan to apply to the platform?
• What is the optimum capacity and sensitivity for the platform?
• What layout or mounting configurations are required to capture the reaction forces and moments generated throughout the activity?
• Do you need a transparent plate to view or record from the underside?

We offer a wide range of force plates for all applications, including filler plates which allow you to fully customise and organise your platforms to suit your needs. Quarter, half and full length filler plates can accommodate all spatiotemporal gait measurements, alongside regular AMTI force plates.

Considering the above questions and options will help determine the ideal force platform for you.

Summit Medical and Scientific are force plate specialists, having been AMTI’s UK sales partner for over 25 years. We would be pleased to assist and advise on the design of your AMTI force plate set up, so contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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AMTI Products

Box Icon AccuGait-Optimized


The AccuGait-Optimized (ACG-O) is AMTI’s portable solution for quantifying human gait and balance.

Box Icon AccuPower-Optimized


AMTI’s AccuPower-Optimized (ACP-O) multi-axis force platform is a portable solution for jump, drop landing, squat analysis and more.

Box Icon AccuSway-Optimized


The portable AccuSway-Optimized (ACS-O) is perfect for on-the-go balance assessments and training.

Box Icon Canes, Crutches and Walker Sensors

Canes, Crutches and Walker Sensors

These sensors are specifically designed for the precise measurement of the forces and moments transmitted through walkers, canes and crutches.

Box Icon Custom and Special Designs

Custom and Special Designs

These bespoke force plates are tailor-made to your requirements, including waterproof systems and glass-top platforms.

Box Icon Filler Force Plates

Filler Force Plates

We supply AMTI filler force plates in quarter, half and full length sizes to create the optimum custom set-up.

Box Icon Force Plate Stairs

Force Plate Stairs

The force platform stairway has been designed in response to clinical patient requests to improve their gait while going up and down stairs.

Box Icon Force/Torque Sensors

Force/Torque Sensors

The multi-axis load cells (multi-axis transducers) are ideal whenever it is important to measure forces and moments in three dimensions.

Box Icon HE6x6


The HE6x6 is a compact, portable force platform for quantifying very low loads.

Box Icon Mobius Treadmill

Mobius Treadmill

These treadmills can be with or without incline, and are a compact dual-belt end-to-end force sensing treadmill.

Box Icon Multi-Axis Wear-Testing Machines

Multi-Axis Wear-Testing Machines

These simulate human joint motion, for the purpose of testing and evaluating prosthetic devices prior to clinical use.

Box Icon Optima Bio-Measurement System

Optima Bio-Measurement System

The Bio-Measurement System (Optima-BMS) is Optima technology in the most affordable package.

Box Icon Optima High Performance System

Optima High Performance System

This ground-breaking development in force technology offers a 10-fold improvement over any other force platform available on the market.

Box Icon Optima Special Purpose Series

Optima Special Purpose Series

The Optima-SPS allows activities on the top surface of the force plate to be viewed and recorded from the underside.

Box Icon Software


We offer a range of software which can be used for data acquisition, analysis, research, rehabilitation, training and more.