AMTI force plates are the first to achieve the new industry standard set by ASTM. AMTI’s patented OPTIMA and OPTIMA-L lines of force plates have followed the international “Standard Test Method for Verification of Multi-Axis Force Measuring Platforms” (ASTM F3109-16). This guarantees the highest level of force measuring precision for AMTI customers.

About the new ASTM standard

The ASTM F3109-16 standard establishes a global precedence for force plate verification. This is vital for force plate users, because it assures the quality and precision of the force plate measurements and confirms that the data is reliable.

AMTI is now the first global multi-axis force plate manufacturer to follow this standard, which means that the accuracy and consistency of the OPTIMA and OPTIMA-L force plates has been verified.  This best-in-industry calibration guarantees that all AMTI customers are receiving the highest level of precision over the entire working surface of their force plate.

About AMTI

AMTI’s industry-leading force platforms and joint simulators are trusted by researchers and clinicians worldwide. Our innovative OPTIMA system revolutionises multi-axis force measurement technology producing the most accurate force platforms on the market. Our smart platform technology and simple digital integration ensures the most accurate output in a convenient package. Read more.