The Sir Jules Thorn Centre for Co-Creation of Rehabilitation’s virtual launch is taking place on Tuesday 25th May from 1pm – 3pm.

The Sir Jules Thorn Centre for Co-Creation of Rehabilitation is an exciting new venture. The centre is driving a revolution in rehabilitation by developing cutting edge technology through a novel co-creation approach with the rehabilitation community. Success for the centre will depend on community engagement. The aim of this event is to raise awareness among stakeholders: user groups (stroke survivors, carers and health professionals), researchers and industry.

The centre was the first in the world to purchase the HERO Solution, the latest development from Motek and Monitored Rehab Systems. The HERO Solution enables you to treat patients on functional strength, gait and balance, coordination and motor control to improve mobility problems caused by neurological, orthopaedic, muscular, cardiovascular or other conditions such as COVID-19 and long-COVID. Read more.

Dr Andy Kerr, Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering and Physiotherapist, said:

“This type of technology is critical to achieving our ambition of equitable access to effective rehabilitation. The kit will fit perfectly into our existing portfolio of rehabilitation technology as we prepare to launch our new Sir Jules Thorn Centre for Co-Creation of Rehabilitation Technology in spring 2021.”

The event is a seminar with short presentations from key staff, live equipment demonstration and an open discussion.

Confirmed presenters Include:

  • Rosie Rutherford (CHSS)
  • Dr Andy Kerr
  • Professor Grealy
  • Professor Rowe
  • Dr Anja Kuschmann, Chancellor’s fellow Speech and Language Therapy

Register for the virtual launch event here.