Summit Medical and Scientific are proud to be exhibiting at The Children’s Trust’s annual National Paediatric Brain Injury Conference 2021. The event is being held virtually on Thursday 13th May. Click here to view the programme and register for your tickets.

Our Managing Director, Sara, will be speaking at 14:05 to give you the latest updates about paediatric rehabilitation technology from Summit Medical and Scientific.

As a virtual exhibitor, we will be representing our international partners Hocoma and Motek. We supply their innovative rehabilitation technology in the UK, which is suitable for paediatric brain injury, upper and lower limb impairment, and functional movement and gait therapy.

We offer five robotic and sensor-based devices for paediatric rehabilitation:

  • The ArmeoSpring upper limb exoskeleton. Practice the movements that are key for therapy progress and daily life with this adjustable exoskeleton which supports the whole arm, from shoulder to hand, and counterbalances the weight of the patient’s arm.
  • The ArmeoSenso upper limb sensor system. Versatile and easy-to-use, the ArmeoSenso provides highly intensive arm therapy for patients with mild to moderate impairment.
  • The C-Mill VR+ treadmill. Evaluate and train impaired gait and balance with this augmented and virtual reality instrumented treadmill.
  • The Lokomat robotic gait trainer. Relearn how to walk from the beginning with this robotic-assisted therapy solution that enables intensive gait training. The FreeD Module ensures paediatric patients benefit from the most physiological gait pattern.
  • The RYSEN 3D body weight support system, supporting patients in an all-directional, assist as-needed capacity to improve movement function. The RYSEN offers therapists and patients the opportunity to train movement, gait and balance in an unrestricted and safe environment.

All these devices provide performance feedback via game-like exercises, which are motivating and fun for patients and also provide therapists with vital assessments to measure progression.

Help prepare your patients for daily life with the latest technology that’s backed by research and trusted by clinicians.

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