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Our easy-to-use portable systems are a flexible solution to whether you have space constraints, changing environments, a need for wireless sensors, or requiring systems you can move whenever necessary. These are compact, convenient, and still offer advanced and in-depth analysis and results.

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Portable Products

Box Icon AMTI Portable Force Plates

AMTI Portable Force Plates

Lightweight, simple and easy-to-use, these portable force plates are a flexible solution that are ready to set up on any flat surface.

Box Icon Hocoma Andago

Hocoma Andago

The Andago is the world’s first free-moving mobile gait robotic device, combined with a body weight support system.

Box Icon Hocoma Erigo

Hocoma Erigo

The Hocoma Erigo combines gradual verticalisation with robotic movement therapy, using robotic leg movement in a safe tilt table-style system.

Box Icon Hocoma Valedo

Hocoma Valedo

Fight back pain by playing games using Hocoma's Valedo, a medical sensor device for digital back therapy at home or in the clinic.

Box Icon Myon Aktos Mini Wireless EMG

Myon Aktos Mini Wireless EMG

The Aktos Mini is an affordable EMG wireless sensor, using a portable 4 channel system to analyse and measure muscle signals or joint angles in real-time.

Box Icon Myon Aktos Wireless EMG/ACC/IMU Systems

Myon Aktos Wireless EMG/ACC/IMU Systems

Myon's wireless, small, lightweight sensors and electrodes can quickly, easily and comfortably be applied and used for recording and analysing movement.

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