Cometa Accessories

Customise your EMG or IMU products to your specific needs with these Cometa accessories, including remote controllers and finewire probes.

Finewire Probe

This probe can be used to interface with any certified electrodes that accept a free wire connection. In most cases this is used with Finewire needles for intramuscular EMG acquisitions. The probe is custom built with a 10-1000 Hz Band-Pass frequency, an extra 500 Hz of bandwidth compared with our regular surface EMG probes.

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Footswitch FSR Sensors

Cometa‘s footswitch sen­sors allow you to cap­ture the con­tact phases of each foot dur­ing the subject’s walk. The kit is com­posed of 8 sen­sors, and can be pur­chased by con­tact­ing your local distributor.

Trigger Box

Provided with ALL Cometa‘s EMG systems, this box allows you to:

  • Synchronise two Wave or Wave Plus systems to obtain a total number of channels up to 32
  • Synchronise with virtually all systems accepting a TTL trigger with a BNC cable
  • Synchronised with a GaitRite or Zeno mat simply using the 3.5 mm jack connector provided.


Both Cometa‘s EMG receivers are provided FREE of charge with a complete set of APIs that allow the experienced user to integrate the USB acquisition in virtually any software on windows platforms, giving full control of the hardware.

Micro Golden Electrodes

Entirely developed by Cometa, these electrodes are made for small muscles acquisitions, upper limbs, and childres. Coated with a layer of gold, they must be individually gelled and carefully placed, but allow a much higher level of detail, with an acquisition area of only 5 mm in diameter.

WaveTrack Elastic Bands

These elastic Velcro bands have a small pocket that fits and keeps fixed a WaveTrack transmitter, allowing the use of the sensors in the most dynamic applications, including swimming, running, jumping, etc.

Medical Grade Stickers

We can provide a full range of stickers, made with 3M medical grade 1622 double sided tape, that allows you to attach to the subject’s skin all of our accessories:

  • Rectangular stickers for EMG transmitters.
  • Round stickers for FSW sensors.
  • Round stickers with hole for our Micro Golden electrodes.


Replacement batteries and lower parts: thanks to the modular architecture of Cometa‘s systems, most of the times it is not necessary to return the whole system to us for maintenance. We can provide assistance packages for all products from 2005 Zerowire systems up to the most recent WaveTrack.

Please contact us if you require maintenance and we will get back to you with the best solution for you.

Cometa Products

Box Icon EMG Software

EMG Software

Cometa's EMG Easy Report Software allows you to quickly and simply analyse your acquired data.

Box Icon Mini Wave

Mini Wave

The Cometa Mini Wave is currently the smallest EMG transmitter in the world, weighing only 7 grams.

Box Icon Mini Wave Infinity

Mini Wave Infinity

The Mini Wave Infinity is a state-of-the-art wireless EMG and data logger and is an evolution of the Mini Wave.

Box Icon Mini Wave Waterproof

Mini Wave Waterproof

This special version of the Mini Wave Infinity is fully waterproof, allowing the acquisition of EMG signal underwater.

Box Icon PicoEMG


Similar to the Mini Wave Infinity, the PicoEMG features minimalist design, improved battery life, smaller size, integrated accelerometer and on-board memory.

Box Icon Wave Plus EMG

Wave Plus EMG

The Wave Plus wireless EMG system has been designed to be the best wireless EMG system in the world.

Box Icon WaveTrack IMU

WaveTrack IMU

The WaveTrack Inertial System is the ultimate solution for inertial motion tracking, and is the smallest wireless IMU transmitter in the world.