Nottingham University Hospitals Trust has shared their vision for delivering the program for the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC), which is creating a new future for the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC). This plan incorporates technology which Summit Medical and Scientific were proud to deliver alongside our partners Motek and AMTI.

The NRC is part of a wider body of work which is being delivered by the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC). The DNRC is fully operational and treats Armed Forces patients who have sustained injury from training, exercise or active service. It has always been the intention that both centres will work closely together, with some patients being treated separately in the Defence facility. The Defence facility is the catalyst for the NRC and it has always been envisaged that there will be a high degree of collaboration including some access to specialist facilities.

State-of-the-art virtual reality rehabilitation

Among these specialist facilities is the Motek CAREN High End, which has been used by the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre since Autumn 2018. Summit Medical and Scientific were proud to deliver this state-of-the-art virtual reality environment in partnership with Motek and see how patients are progressing using the equipment since its installation.

“The virtual reality CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) is one of only six in the world and the only one currently being used to treat patients. Early use has shown significant benefits particularly in patients with a head injury on their balance system.”  Read more.

The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment is the world’s most advanced biomechanics laboratory, and is a versatile, multi-sensory system used for clinical analysis, rehabilitation, and the evaluation and training of human movement, balance and gait.

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Powerful force plate technology

Also mentioned among the DNRC’s specialist facilities is the gait laboratory, which Summit Medical and Scientific delivered in partnership with AMTI and Vicon. This clinical gait lab incorporates 11 OPT400600-HF High Frequency force plates for a walkway, and 4 OPT400600 force plates for a walkway with force plate stairs. This is in addition to Vicon’s motion capture technology.

“This is cutting-edge technology and the longest gait laboratory in clinical use in Europe.  There are more cameras giving detailed images than any other facility, enabling clinicians to benefit from technical detail on muscle activity and gait patterns like never before.  Rehab programmes are changing already due to this enhanced level of information into the clinical teams.”  Read more.

Clinicians can use the laboratory’s powerful force plate technology and cutting-edge motion capture system to gather and analyse patient data, ensuring the highest quality of care and progress for military personnel. Researchers can also use this new facility to study key areas in military rehabilitation, as part of the Academic Department of Military Rehabilitation (ADMR).

The AMTI force plates installed in the Biomechanics Performance Lab use Optima technology, which is the most accurate force platform available on the market and offers a 10-fold improvement over any other force platform available today.

With access to state-of-the-art facilities, quick transfer to rehabilitation and an intensive programme in the NRC, the National Rehabilitation Centre is expecting people to recover their function more quickly and return more quickly to life and work.

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