The HERO Solution, launched last year, is the newest development from Motek and their partner Monitored Rehab Systems.

Born in a time of crisis, the HERO Solution is a complete functional movement therapy solution for patients requiring treatment for neurological disorders, orthopaedic conditions, or long-term immobilisation such as recovering from COVID-19.

The 5-system solution includes the C-Mill HERO, the newest development to the C-Mill product line of cutting-edge balance and gait treadmills. The C-Mill HERO simulates challenging everyday scenarios through augmented and virtual reality, sharing the line’s interactive and dynamic exercises, as well as an additional adjustable pitch for uphill walking and dual-tasking exercises.

The C-Mill HERO offers objective instrumented assessments and clinically relevant outcome measurements for treatment planning and progression monitoring. Clinical gait analysis protocols allow therapists to collect various parameters and synchronised video recording for real-time and offline analysis.

See a demonstration of the HERO Solution in this free downloadable webinar and learn how it can benefit your clinic and advance your own rehabilitation efforts.