The Acute Stroke Unit at the University Hospitals Dorset has seen recent significant improvements as part of a wider regional healthcare plan, which establishes Royal Bournemouth Hospital as the major emergency hospital in the area.

This consolidation offers better flexibility, streamlining of patient care, and a more efficient pathway.

This offers more patients access to its state-of-the-art facilities including the Lokomat, an electromechanical gait trainer which helps stroke patients relearn how to walk.

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity successfully fundraised to purchase the Lokomat as part of their award-winning “Walkerbot Campaign” back in 2021.

Consultant stroke physician and UHD’s clinical lead for stroke Dr Suzanne Ragab said: “This development marks a significant advancement in the care we can offer stroke patients.”

She explained that combining services in one location allows for more efficient patient pathways and access to the Acute Stroke Unit’s innovative Lokomat technology.

Dr Ragab said: “We have already observed notable improvements, with recent data showing a significant reduction in treatment times since the consolidation. For instance, patients from the Poole and Purbeck areas are now receiving life-saving treatment in about one-third of the time it took before these changes.”

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About the Lokomat

Relearn how to walk again with the Lokomat, a robotic rehabilitation device which enables intensive gait training for severely impaired patients – even those who can’t move their lower limbs at all.
Patients can complete hundreds or even thousands of steps per session, compared to traditional manual physiotherapy.

The Lokomat is developed by Hocoma and provided in the UK by Summit Medical and Scientific.

Read more about the Lokomat.

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