Members of the spinal cord injury community may have recently seen the latest developments in spinal cord stimulation technology, where patients with paralysis are on their feet again thanks to an electrode device implanted on the spinal cord. Read the full story on CNN.

The RYSEN 3D body weight support system, developed by Motek, was a vital part in allowing these patients to train intensively using the electrode stimulation. The RYSEN was considered an essential part of the rehabilitation journey after each patient’s surgery.

“When necessary, a tailored amount of body weight support was provided to the participants using an overhead support system based on cable robot technology. This robotic system allows the application of tailored forces to the trunk through a dedicated harness along the vertical and anteroposterior directions.”

You can see examples of the RYSEN in use during the earlier stages of research in this video which was a 2019 Rolex Awards Laureate Documentary.

About the RYSEN

The RYSEN supports patients in an all-directional, assist as-needed capacity to improve movement function. The RYSEN offers therapists and patients the opportunity to train movement, gait and balance in an unrestricted and safe environment, both for clinical and research purposes.

Its technology combines adjustable vertical body weight support with horizontal and vertical assistive forces, maximising a patient’s freedom of movement, engagement, and recovery results. Read more on the RYSEN’s product page.

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