“Walking-adaptability therapy after stroke: results of a randomized controlled trial” was recently published on BioMed Central.

This Randomised Controlled Trial provides evidence that Gait Adaptability Training (GAT) reduces fall rates in community-dwelling older adults. This research uses the C-Mill treadmill by Motek.

The ability to adapt walking to environmental properties and hazards, a prerequisite for safe ambulation, is often impaired in persons after stroke.

The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of two walking-adaptability interventions: a novel treadmill-based C-Mill therapy (using gait-dependent augmented reality) and the standard over ground FALLS program (using physical context). The research expected sustained improvements for both treatment groups combined but hypothesized better outcomes for C-Mill therapy than the FALLS program due to its expected greater amount of walking practice.

No significant group differences were found between the interventions for the primary outcome measure standard walking speed, but they found a greater improvement in context-specific walking speed with stationary physical context of the C-Mill therapy compared to the FALLS program at the post-intervention test, which was no longer significant at retention. Both interventions were well received, but C-Mill therapy scored better on perceived increased fitness than the FALLS program. C-Mill therapy resulted in twice as many steps per session of equal duration than the FALLS program. The “change-over-time” analyses for participants of both interventions combined showed no significant improvements in the standard walking speed; however, significant improvements were found for context-specific walking speed, walking adaptability, and cognitive dual-task performance.

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About the C-Mill

The C-Mill by Motek is an innovative treadmill for the evaluation and training of impaired gait and balance. Using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), acoustic cues and force plate technology, the C-Mill is the ideal solution for effective functional movement therapy. Read more.