Our partner Motek have just released an update called “Inertia Compensation” for all CAREN, GRAIL and M-Gait users.

This has been introduced in D-Flow 3.32 to avoid negative impacts on your force measurements on instrumented treadmills, due to factors such as pitching, swaying and rolling.

Motek’s mission is to achieve true functional gait analysis, which means challenging your subjects as if they were in the real world via peturbations. Unfortunately, from time to time the movements of a treadmill can introduce noise in joint moment measurements. This update for inertia compensation aims to rectify this issue for Motek users.

This update is not available for the C-Mill treadmill as the inertia compensation is only necessary for treadmills on moving platforms. As the C-Mill treadmill rests on a non-moving platform, this compensation is not required.

For further information please contact us.