Our partner AMTI is pleased to announce the addition of their large surface area force platforms to their OPTIMATM-BMS series. All of AMTI’s standard force platforms, from the 400x600mm to the 900x900mm, are now part of the OPTIMATM family and undergo AMTI’s patented OPTIMATM calibration process. This process produces force plates that are more accurate and more repeatable from edge to edge than ever before.

This upgrade does involve a change to AMTI’s model numbers, please feel free to contact us for more information.

AMTI produces two levels of OPTIMATM force platform systems:

  • The OPTIMATM-HPS (High Performance System) is the most accurate force platform available.
  • The OPTIMATM-BMS (Biomechanics Measurement System) is a close second in accuracy at a more affordable price.

Read more about the OPTIMA HPS force plate range here, and for the OPTIMA BMS range click here. For a free no-obligation quote, contact us today.

About AMTI

AMTI’s industry-leading force platforms and joint simulators are trusted by researchers and clinicians worldwide. Their innovative OPTIMA system revolutionises multi-axis force measurement technology producing the most accurate force platforms on the market. AMTI’s smart platform technology and simple digital integration ensures the most accurate output in a convenient package. Read more.