We will be attending the National Paediatric Brain Injury Conference, organised by The Children’s Trust, on Friday 6th September at The Royal Society of Medicine in London. The Children’s Trust are a leading UK charity offering both residential and community-based rehabilitation services for children and young people with a brain injury.

The programme for the event, called “Building the Future of Childhood Brain Injury”, looks to the future of rehabilitation for children with acquired brain injury, as well as identifying and reporting on the latest evidence-based research. The day will provide an invaluable insight into childhood brain injury and rehabilitation.

Summit Medical and Scientific are pleased to represent our partners Hocoma and Motek at the event, who offer a number of paediatric devices for functional movement therapy. This includes the C-Mill virtual reality instrumented treadmill (with optional body weight support); the Lokomat robotic gait trainer; and the ArmeoSpring upper limb rehabilitation device. Our devices are suitable for patients undergoing treatment for brain injury, neurological conditions, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, orthopaedic disorders, amputees, movement disorders and more.

Conference speakers include:

  1. Chris Bryant MP – British Labour Party Politician, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Spain, Russia, and Acquired Brain Injury;
  2. Charlie Fogarty MBE – Completed a six-month rehabilitation programme at The Children’s Trust where he learned to eat, walk and talk again;
  3. Dr Stacy Suskauer – Research Scientist and Co-director for the Center of Brain Injury Recovery, Kennedy Kreiger Institute, USA;
  4. Helen Gill – Thwaites – Specialist in Neurodisability, The Royal Hospital for Neurodisability;
  5. Dr Suzanna Watson – Paediatric Neuropsychologist, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead for Paediatric Neuropsychology at Cambridge University Hospital and CPFT.

The keynote speaker for the event will be Professor Vicki Anderson, who is internationally-renowned for her work in disorders that impact a child’s brain and neurological function. This includes both development and acquired disorders. Professor Anderson joins the day from her role as Director, Clinical Sciences Research at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Additionally, Dr Charlie Fairhurst will join the day as the conference chair and host. Dr Fairhurst is the Consultant Paediatric Neurodisability and Head of Neurosciences at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

To buy your tickets and view the conference programme, please visit The Children’s Trust’s website.