We are pleased to be working with the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, who will be trialling the Hocoma Andago with their own patients.

The National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital is one of the UK’s leading institutions in spinal injury treatment and rehabilitation, providing a range of services for adults and children. Read more.

About the Hocoma Andago

The Hocoma Andago is the world’s first free-moving mobile gait robotic device, which has been combined with an intuitive body weight support system. The Andago is suitable for patients requiring rehabilitation for any condition affecting their gait, balance or stability, and for fall prevention. This includes neurological conditions, lower limb amputees, spinal injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, movement disorders, and cerebral palsy.

The Andago provides intensive, efficient and versatile gait therapy, and bridges the gap between treadmill-based gait analysis and the patient’s ability to walk freely and unaided. The mobile robotic technology senses the patient’s movement and actively follows them, while also providing dynamic and safe body weight support. Consequently, your patient won’t be afraid of falling, becoming unstable, or getting injured. The Andago will allow them to move freely, hands-free and upright, within a safe environment. As the therapist, you can take a step back and assess their movement, providing feedback and monitoring their progress.

The Andago will integrate seamlessly within your available space:

  • Shorter than a standard door frame.
  • Includes a patient lift for transfer to and from a wheelchair.
  • Has optional attachable handrails.
  • Includes collision detectors.
  • Can either be set to a straight-line mode or follow the patient as they freely walk around.

Watch this demonstration video to find out more:

Contact us for a clinical trial

If you would like to register your interest for a trial with the Hocoma Andago, ArmeoSenso or C-Mill virtual reality (VR) treadmill, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a visit. You can read more about our clinical trials here.