Congratulations to our partner Hocoma who have today announced that they have produced their 100th ArmeoSenso!

The ArmeoSenso is an innovative upper limb rehabilitation device which uses sensors, an interactive hand module and augmented performance feedback for neurological rehabilitation. This empowers self-initiated repetitive training for impaired upper limb function. Affordable, versatile and easy to use, the ArmeoSenso is an ideal solution for highly intensive arm therapy.

The ArmeoSenso has already been part of its first clinical study: “The ArmeoSenso can provide rehabilitative training in a high dose in combination with daily therapy monitoring, difficulty adaptation and detection of unwanted compensatory movements.” (Wittmann et al. 2016) Read more.

Clinical trials

If you are interested in trying out the ArmeoSenso with your own patients, we are pleased to offer the ArmeoSenso for clinical trials in the UK.

The clinical trial includes us installing the equipment at your facilities, and giving your staff full training so you can try out the device with your own patients. Read more.

About Hocoma

Hocoma is the global market leader for the development, manufacturing and marketing of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy. Summit Medical and Scientific were thrilled to partner with Hocoma in May 2018, and you can find out more about Hocoma and their products here. You can read more about our recent partnership with Hocoma here.

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