Motek D-Flow Software

Motek’s D-Flow software is a control software suite that provides real-time data streams between many types of integrated hardware. Advantages of the D-Flow software include:

  • Multiple separate devices can be combined into one single real-time device, offering unique opportunities for research, clinical treatment and training.
  • The modular design allows easy integration of any hardware device.
  • It enables a subject to be immersed in a real-time feedback loop where motions and behaviour are considered an input, and the output is having the system respond to the motions of the subject and the subject motions to the system.
  • It allows users to define inputs, perturbations, and sensory conflicts provided by the subject, offering unique possibilities for research, clinical rehabilitation, prosthetics fitting and dynamic alignment.
  • An intuitive interface which allows operators to easily control hardware, tailor applications, or define their own applications without requiring programming skills.