AMTI Force Plate Software

We offer a range of AMTI software which can be used for data acquisition, analysis, research, rehabilitation, training and more.


Netforce has been designed for data acquisition, control of the force platforms, real-time display of time histories (oscilloscope displays), centre of pressure data, file management, and storage of force platform data. You can also set profiles for standard recording protocols, such as gait or balance routines so that you can define gains, how the force plate is zeroed, display types, calibration details, and offsets for specific types of recordings. There are a range of ways you can set the duration and initiation of recordings, such as the click of a button, a hand switch, a photo cell, or initial contact with the force platform. Netforce can be used with all AMTI force platform systems and sensor products, and supports up to 30 channels of analogue data acquisition.


BioAnalysis is a fully-featured biomechanics analysis package which includes modules for balance, gait and sports analysis. Data can be displayed in a series of customisable graphs, or exported into Excel spreadsheet format. You will also receive tools for trial normalisation, and for overlay and comparison of multiple trials.

Balance Clinic and Balance Trainer

Balance Clinic is a comprehensive software package for use with the AMTI Accusway or Accugait portable systems, ideal for clinical and research tests of balance (posturography).

Balance Trainer is a tool designed for balance research, assessment, rehabilitation and training for use with the AMTI Accusway or Accugait portable systems. Balance Trainer incorporates a versatile balance feedback system with traditional software for static balance measurements.

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