On the 75th birthday of the NHS, the Acute Stroke Unit at University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust were celebrated on the BBC for their innovative use of robotics.

“The technology being used here is one of the best examples of how far the NHS has come in the last 75 years. This walking robot technology is helping patients like Margaret get back on their feet again.” – BBC South Today

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity started fundraising to purchase the Hocoma Lokomat at the start of 2020 and, despite the challenges of the pandemic, the target was achieved in record time and the equipment was installed at the Acute Stroke Unit in 2021.  Read why – and how – they did it on the Stroke Rehab Times: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

“It’s a marvellous invention. I had a major stroke which paralysed the whole of my right side and this strengthens my muscles and my walking. It allows you to walk at a normal pace and rather than walking normally through several corridors in Bournemouth Hospital, it does it for you.” – Margaret, stroke patient

Over 720 people are admitted to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital each year with stroke, and 75% of these have lower limb weakness. But the brain can adapt and people can relearn to walk through repetition and practice.

Investing in technology for acute stroke units, like the Hocoma Lokomat, enables the intensive gait training that severely impaired patients require to relearn how to walk again – even those who can’t move their lower limbs at all.

“This technology has really revolutionised how we can deliver rehabilitation to people who have lost the ability to walk as a result of a stroke. We’re seeing really positive outcomes. What it enables us to do is safely and effectively provide intensive rehabilitation much earlier in somebody’s recovery, and that means their recovery is likely to be quicker but also fuller. That gives somebody like Margaret the very best chance of relearning to walk again after what was quite a disabling stroke.” – Dr Louise Johnson, NHS Consultant Physiotherapist in Stroke

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