Part 4 of XSENSOR‘s plantar pressure mapping applications for performance and rehab webinar series is taking place on March 30th. Register for FREE here.

“Optimising speed training and development using Plantar Pressure Mapping” will be presented by Antonio Robustelli, Sports Performance Scientist and Technologist with OmniAthlete Performance Concept.

Speed development has a fundamental role in many sporting activities. One of the primary goals of training for speed is to improve the technical elements of speed mechanics. The dynamics of a foot strike has a big impact on the way an athlete applies and distributes force into the ground. Tune-in to the webinar to learn how plantar pressure mapping technology, like XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles | Pro, can simplify obtaining important information about the interaction between different foot zones and the ground.

Whether you are a Sports Biomechanist or Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, or Athletic Trainer, this webinar will help you learn, understand, and experience how to use plantar pressure data to improve speed mechanics and development in sport.