The International Society of Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR) are hosting a free webinar in collaboration with DIH (Motek and Hocoma) on Tuesday 5th October.

“Advanced technology for rehabilitation and assessments of gait and balance” is taking place at 2pm CET / 12:00pm GMT.

What to expect

Advanced technology plays an increasingly larger role in the assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of people with gait and balance disorders. Measurement and rehabilitation of gait and balance disorders in challenging conditions may provide a more complete picture than traditional measurements and rehabilitation in controlled lab environments.

During this webinar several innovative research projects supported by advanced rehabilitation technology will be presented. Specifically, the speakers will present on innovative projects on gait and balance assessments and training by combining real-time visual feedback, gait adaptability, and gait perturbations using an instrumented dual-belt treadmill, motion capture and other advanced technology.

New concepts related to advanced human movement research will be presented by some of the top researchers in the field of rehabilitation technology. They will present on the development of  own unique applications integrating various technologies such as, VR Goggles and Eye tracking. New concepts to better understand and treat (pathological) movement will be explained and discussed.

What you will learn
  • You will understand the design principles, advantages and possibilities of advanced rehabilitation technology for gait, balance and movement sciences.
  • You will understand the concepts of real-time visual feedback, gait adaptability, and gait perturbations, including their scientific basis.
  • You will learn about that current state of the art research projects around the world using advanced rehabilitation technologies

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