The latest free webinar from our partner Motek will be held on 1st June at 2pm UK time (3pm GMT +2), entitled: “Innovations in Sports Research using Advanced Rehabilitation Technology“. Learn more about advanced technology for assessment, training and research efforts to improve human performance. Register here.

In this webinar you will hear from three renowned sport and human movement scientists talking about using technology for clinical running analysis, searching for impaired movement patterns, and gait retraining in running related injuries.

Webinar panellists include:

Dr. Srdan Popovic, PhD

  • Sport Scientist (University of Göttingen / Germany), BeMoveD – Charité Berlin, Germany, with focus on clinical gait analysis & runners
  • PhD in Frankfurt am Main in the field of „neuromuscular stiffness adaptation and running economy”
  • 2014,2015 and 2017 Athletic Coach of Berlin Recycling Volleys (Volleyball 1. League & Champions League)
  • 2010-2017 Head of Biomechanics with emphasis on movement analysis & re-training with runners @ Sportmedizin Berlin & SMS Medical Institute Berlin (official medial partner of BMW Berlin Marathon) and clinical gait analysis

Srdan will talk about “Clinical Running Analysis: searching for impaired movement patterns”.

Bas Van Hooren, PhD candidate, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Bas Van Hooren is a sport science consultant, strength and conditioning specialist and athlete. He started his PhD on running technique, injuries and running performance in 2017 at Maastricht university. Bas has been active as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at the Dutch Olympic committee and has been involved as a sport science consultant for various professional organizations. As an athlete he has won several medals at the Dutch national championships, and he became Dutch National champion in 2017.

Bas combines his theoretical knowledge as a sport scientist/researcher with practical experiences from being an athlete and coach to translate complex theoretical concepts into useful and evidence-based practical applications. He has published over 30 journal articles on topics ranging from biomechanics to exercise physiology and has given multiple workshops on sport science related topics for a variety of audiences throughout Europe.

Dr. Juha Hijmans, PhD, Motion Lab, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands

Juha Hijmans studied Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen and graduated 2002. From 2003 until 2008 he did several research projects at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the UMCG, all related to balance and gait. In 2009 he successfully defended his PhD thesis on orthotic interventions to improve balance. After a postdoc at Industrial Research ltd. New Zealand, where he developed upper limb training devices for stroke survivors, he returned to the UMCG as clinical gait analyst. Now he is associate professor with a research focus on gait, ulcer prevention, VR and assistive devices.

Juha will talk about Gait retraining in running related injuries.